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My first post ever here. I hope I did it correctly.

I made some decals. Not without a lot of headaches that I gave to others for helping me sort out my mass confusion. Anywho, I really want to thank Karen Lorraine and JustJones at for being extremely patient with me and staying up late to aid me in my last debacle of not having the correct size images. MaAlet and Rebecah at, Lizzy, and Nysha at MTS.

Words can not express my sincere gratitude.

I have all of the Sims 2 expansions and stuff packs in the game. I used the most up-to-date SimPE to create the decals.

The decals come from various places with a Google search, this is the file with specific locations.

All credit goes to Aikea Guinea for the mesh. Thank you for TOU policy. The mesh is Aikea Half Height Wall Writing from Club Crimsyn it's also included in the attachment for all.

My preview picture taking skills are the worst. I am working on it thanks again to Karen. I hope my disjustice to the picture doesn't take away from the cuteness and Awesomeness of Sesame Street. Hopefully can find some use in your game. I've rambled long enough. The files are clearly labeled. Download one or all.

Also get your hands on Klaartje's Sesame Street Plain Bedding, Sesame Street Student Dorm at MTS, registration required.
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Wall Decal Screenshot          
Download link
Filesize 111.72 KB | File Name aikea_guinea_mesh.rar | # of Downloads 99  
Filesize 35.11 KB | File Name ranabluu_ss_ernie.rar | # of Downloads 93  
Filesize 33.22 KB | File Name ranabluu_ss_super_grover.rar | # of Downloads 82  
Filesize 30.61 KB | File Name ranabluu_ss_thecount_stars.rar | # of Downloads 85  
Filesize 29.35 KB | File Name ranabluu_ss_bert_ernie.rar | # of Downloads 86  
Filesize 22.29 KB | File Name ranabluu_ss_grover_stars.rar | # of Downloads 85  
Filesize 16.06 KB | File Name ranabluu_ss_cookie_monster.rar | # of Downloads 90  
Filesize 10.6 KB | File Name ranabluu_ss_sign.rar | # of Downloads 81  
Filesize 321.59 KB | File Name Sesame Street Wall Decal on Aikea Half Wall Mesh.rar | # of Downloads 97  
#2 26-01-2015
Yay, they're here ranabluu, well done Smile

I am always happy to help Smile

#3 26-01-2015
Looks good Smile

#4 26-01-2015
Sesame Street decals! Big Grin They look great, good job!


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