• Exercise Mat for (almost) All Ages
  • Creator: NixNivis
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Lookie what I found!
[Image: tumblr_niqv1f7XHy1sn8b7ko1_500.jpg]
Alas, my simmies are far better at this than I *sigh*
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Do what'cha like - just keep 'em FREE ;)

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#5 26-01-2015
Hee! Thanks for the find, Cat! Big Grin Like I say in the post, it was inspired by the January challenge, to help our Simmies keep their New Year's resolutions (and perhaps inspire their Watchers to keep theirs as well). Smile

#6 27-01-2015
So cool Big Grin Thank you Nix Smile

#7 28-01-2015
This is cool and your comment is so true... at least for me! I love how focused my sims are when they exercise. After two minutes of exercising, I'm like... ok that was fun, time to play the sims.

#8 28-01-2015
Oh wow, this is fantastic! What a creative object. n_n


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