Leanne - my cat - update
#1 29-01-2015 
I took her off to the Vet because she had stopped eating, and was hiding under the bed, and throwing up what she did eat. She had an infection, but because she also has kidney disease, they took blood and urine to test to make sure what was happening.

So the bad news is that she's gotten hyper-thyroidism, which is an old-age disease. This means that her thyroid is working harder, and when it's too much - they stop eating.

The good news is that she's gotten hyper-thyroidism, which means that more oxygen and blood is being pumped to her kidneys that aren't working properly. So her the effects of her kidney disease have been minimised.

So we're going to lessen the hyper-thyroidism so she can eat, but not too much so that she has better use from her kidneys.

It won't lengthen her life, but it will give her better quality for what she has - and to me that's the most important thing.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. She's my darling girl and I want as much time with her as she can comfortably have.
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#2 29-01-2015 
* leefish hugs Kiri

I am so glad that you are able to find out what is wrong and to get help for her. Better kidney use is good I think.

#3 29-01-2015 
I think so too Lee. It's been 2 years with the kidney disease, and I consider myself very lucky with her as we diagnosed it very early (stage 1) so we've been able to slow the progression somewhat as a consequence.

That the hyper-thyroidism helps kidney use seems to me a bit of a blessing actually.

#4 29-01-2015 
Aw Kiri, one of my cats had both of those diseases and she did very well on medication (it was a devil to get it down her!)

You and Leanne are in my prayers Heart

#5 29-01-2015 
Prayers for you both. It's weird how one disease can actually "help" with another.

#6 29-01-2015 
Poor thing. But at least you can give her a more comfortable time even if you can't cure her.

#7 30-01-2015 
Blessings on you both Heart
It's always so scary when one of my fur-babies isn't well. I'm glad for you though, that the 2 diseases can work against each other for the better. We'll be praying for the both of you!

#8 30-01-2015 
Thanks all. I pick up her medication tomorrow. She's on the smallest dose, and we'll increase it until the hyper-thyroidism symptoms disappear, but the kidney ones don't reappear.

All thoughts and prayers are welcomed.

She came out from under the bed, and slept with me most of last night, much to my delight. She eats a little but not her usual inhaling method so the tablets I think will be welcomed.

#9 30-01-2015 
I'd like to add my prayers for Leanne and for you Kiri. <3

#10 31-01-2015 
With her one illness offsetting the other, I hope your little loved one has more comfort now. Treasure every moment *hugs*


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