Roof recoloring in TS3: existing tutorials?
#1 31-01-2015 
Hi, after some researches on the net, I didn't find anything so I was wondering if anyone here knew if there exists any tutorial to help with roof recoloring in The Sims 3. I truly have no idea how to begin with. Blush
As I didn't find anything that suits me concerning roof recolors in the third game, I told myself that I would do it myself. Big Grin

Thank you!

EDIT: I think I found something: TSRW software. But there is no tutorial about roof recoloring on that website. I've all the same downloaded the program and will tell you if I manage to find out how to do. Tongue

EDIT 2: Argh, actually I don't understand anything on TSRW. I wanted to use a Maxis Roof and adding a thick and completely white trim to it...

[Image: rc2l.png]
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#2 06-02-2015 
No one can tell me how I should proceed? Smile

#3 07-02-2015 
I can't I'm sorry - then only suggestion I can make is, have you asked over at MTS? They're generally the ones who know.

#4 07-02-2015 
Ok, have just posted a thread on MTS explaining my problem. Thank you Kiri! Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option