3 tile modern sofa
#1 02-02-2015 
i'm gonna post another WIP - hope you don't stop bearing meBig Grin
I' did saw this sofa mesh in ts3,tried to convert it but the polycount of this thing was off the roof - over 8000 poly!!!Angry
So i did fire up milkshape and started from scratch Wink
my sofa polys are little over 2000Smile
So what do you think?
[Image: 2015-02-02%2001_05_01-The%20Simstrade%20...b8a9dn.png]
[Image: 2015-02-02%2001_03_11-The%20Simstrade%20...q6nnqa.png]
it's based on a real life sofa:http://www.hermanmiller.com/products/sea...-sofa.html
BTW: i know that textures need little adjustmentsWink
Sorry for not being very active lately - had some CPU heating issues but can of compressed air helped a lot Wink
Can You pronounce "veoauto"?

#2 02-02-2015 
Stylish! But I'm not sure about the 2000 polys... Isn't that a bit much? It seems a bit much for a fairly straight-forward object. I don't know what sofas in general weigh in at.

#3 02-02-2015 
well it's about 600-700 per tile and I remember reading about the 800 per tile being sensible

#4 02-02-2015 
I like it Smile

#5 02-02-2015 
@Oeselian Ok, thank you... goes to show how little I know about these things Big Grin

#6 02-02-2015 
That looks great Oeselian - and you know I love everything that you make. Big Grin

#7 02-02-2015 
looking great - I love the back Smile

BO - lots of curves Smile

#8 02-02-2015 
Looks great, Oeselian! Good job! Big Grin (The original was 8000 polys?! Yikes!)

#9 02-02-2015 
Ok, yes. If the original was 8000, then I'd say that 2000 for this one is not much at all!

#10 08-02-2015 
I love it. I would use it as my pimary 3 seater, though I mostly use 2 seaters.


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