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#1 07-02-2015 
I'm wanting to do a couple of things for a counter set where it references the original base game texture. I'm assuming that I use the counter template to create it, can I repository it the usual way or do I have to do something special with it?

I'm thinking cause Nix has been doing this, that you would know. Smile

Nix - this shouldn't overlap with what you are doing with expanding the counter-sets, but I can PM you to give you more details so we can check to make sure.
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#2 07-02-2015 
Hiya. Big Grin

I answered you over at Tumblr, but I'll say here as well that I'm not doing the counters you're thinking of at all, so you can do whatever you feel like with no worries. Smile

Yep, you've got it right. You create it from the counter templates and then repository the usual way. Just be aware that you'll have several SHPEs and GMNDs and you have to do all of them for it to work.

Oh! When doing the tsMaterialsMeshName in the GMND, for all of the GMNDs the string should point to counter[NameOfMasterCounter] - e.g. counterValue for the Value counter. It doesn't matter if the GMND is for the corner or for nodoors or the counter only or whatnot; the string should be counter[Name] anyway, lest the morphs won't be recolourable. I learned this the hard way. Wink

#3 07-02-2015 
Thanks Nix! I will make sure I do that. Big Grin


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