February 2015 - To-Do List
#1 14-02-2015 
Now that I'm working a bit closer to home, I hope to have some more free time on my hands to actually get some stuff done. So it's time for to-do lists!

1. Build, build, build.
2. IKEA Threeway Mirror set
3. Valentine's Day Gift
4. Learning something about objects, inventories and how to get objects into inventories.
5. Mess around with Adobe Illustrator

6. Fiddle around with beds and sofas to make a sofabed.
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#2 16-02-2015 
This is a very short, very busy month that is more than halfway over already, so I'll keep this short. Well, short for me. I have very unrealistic expectations for myself.

This month
1. Play
1a. Finish the households that are partly played right now
2. Build/decorate one house so that a family can move in (Pick any from the unfinished list below)
3. Write up all gameplay from this month by the time the month is over
4. Post a chapter/rebuild update/short/something every week
5. Regular backups -- they're good for your health!

1. Achieve blackout in Myshuno! event (I didn't make it in October for the first time ever, but I still have until December 31) Done 12/30/14
1a. Write up all prompts Done 12/28/14
1b. Type up all shorts Done 12/30/14
1c. Post (and interfile) all shorts Done 12/30/14
1d. Submit claim Done -- just baaaaarely under the wire on 12/30/14
2. Rebuild/redecorate all remaining houses enough so that the remaining families can move back in
2a. OWBC house
2b. Wheeler house
2c. Oakapple Farm
2d. Farmstand to go with the above
2e. 100 Days house
2f. Miller house Done 12/13/14
2g. Rose Shankel house
2h. Sunmoon house (Can I make this an apartment building? Do I even want to?) I can, I want to, and I did on 12/7/14
3. Write up everything already played up to November 30 Done 12/30/14
4. Stage last Goldberg & Silent Lady shot for this episode Done 12/20/14
5. Write up all gameplay from November 30 on with no backlog by December 31 I think I managed this, maybe? I'm caught up now, anyway, except for the session I wrapped up ten minutes ago...
6. Super Sekrit project finished for upload no later than December 5 Done 12/2/14 (a little bit early, for luck) and can be found on both MTS and Leefish
7. Age up Smile Done 12/5/14
8. Post at least one thing (story, short, rebuild diary entry, special feature, something) every week Done: Two Myshuno! shorts 12/7/14, three Myshuno! shorts 12/14/14, one Myshuno! short 12/21/14, two Myshuno! shorts 12/28/14


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