Crowborough - Hood Progress
#1 15-02-2015 
I've mentioned this project to several of you in chat already and now that I've got something more to show I thought it was time to make a proper WIP-thread. I would love to hear your feedback Smile

The Project:
I've been working on building my own hood from scratch, not only for playing but mostly for sharing. I'm using an AGS-configuration with NL, OFB and IKEA for this. I'm using as little CC as possible, so far I've only added HugeLunatic's IKEA repository fixes, because come on Maxis... I will also probably add some recolors custom made for the hood. My initial plan was to only make a non-occupied hood, but now I'm starting to wonder if I should do two versions. It might be a lot of fun to also have an occupied version, with sims and their backstories. Thoughts?

The Story:
Crowborough is a small village and its inhabitants are artists, shopkeepers or both. Sims move to Crowborough to find their fortune as painters, novelists, toycrafters and florists. For those choosing not to work from home, there are plenty of community lots available for purchasing. There's a small area near the lake for some relaxing splashy time and plenty of parks and playgrounds to spend those sunny summers outdoors.

Overview Pics(Click to View)
Home Business 1(Click to View)
Home Business 2(Click to View)
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#2 15-02-2015 
I'm really liking what you have so far.

#3 16-02-2015 
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Looks great Smile I'm always so impressed when people take on large projects like this!

#4 16-02-2015 
It looks great so far!

I know that I am unlikely to download an entire hood either populated or unpopulated, but I am even less likely to download a populated one than an unpopulated one, if that helps. (Probably not, but you did ask.)

#5 16-02-2015 
If you are going to make it available for download - I'd go for the population separate to the hood. What I'm looking forward to, is playing it along side you.

I do like the idea of having a base population that has history. Smile

#6 21-02-2015 
Thanks guys, for the feedback Smile
Kiri, when you say base population that has history, do you mean also separate to the hood? Or already living there?

Here, have some more pics! Excuse the red pauseline, I was testing hood compatibility in AGS.

#7 21-02-2015 
Love all of them Big Grin
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#8 21-02-2015 
What I meant is having an unpopulated hood for the people who like things unpopulated but having a separate download for a base set of families who can be added and have a written history.

#9 21-02-2015 
Really pleasantly made!! Cool floorplans and well-furnished. Love them, and will download the entire 'hood as soon as it's available, Klaartje.

#10 21-02-2015 
Very nice, I love all the bright colours.


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