The father and mother of the girl's son of my sim (think so Huh ) were visited at home and died together, within a few seconds of each other Sad

Always bad things to me

And then also son's father died, was a senior and took a walk Huh

Bring bad luck Screenshot Bring bad luck Screenshot Bring bad luck Screenshot        
#2 17-02-2015
That's a lot of deaths in a short time!

#3 17-02-2015
CRAP! Those sims are going to be crying a lot for a bit... Especially those that knew all three of the deceased.

#4 18-02-2015
I haven't played TS4 enough to know much. If it still functions the same as previous I would definitely not be saving that game.

I know it's only a game but, I have a hard time lietting those pixels die even when I want to kill the sim for a story or plot line.

The guy in the last picture is really sad look at those tears flow.
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