Change risky woohoo percent
#1 21-02-2015 
So I have read over the description, looked somewhat in the comments and gone over the read me and do not see any instructions for changing the odds like they say there is.

All I can find is this very nice line " Please note that all files now have individual BCONs containing the specific BCON to edit for personalizing your risky woohoo odds. It even has a cornvenient label! If you are still having problems figuring out where to find and edit the clearly labeled BCON values, kindly please get bent. Tongue"

Instead of getting bent I'm posting here.

It's only the bed risks that I want to change from 30% down to 20%. I have looked at the BCON and do not see anything clearly labeled or obvious to change. Of course this may just be me being an idiot, but help?!
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#2 21-02-2015 
I would just get ACR v.2 instead. It includes risky woohoo and is pretty easy to use once you get the hang of it. Has lots of options so you can totally disable the autonomy part if you want. Just make sure you read all the documentation before installing - it's particularly important to properly uninstall the mod if you ever decide to remove it. Sorry I don't have a link handy but am sure you can google. Smile

#3 21-02-2015 
How about this one for a link to ACR ?? Big Grin
By the way, that's indeed a lot easier, because with ACR you don't need to mess around with BCONs and such in SimPE. Everything is configurable from within the game in stead.

#4 21-02-2015 
So I take that to mean you guys don't know which BCON to change either. Undecided

I do of course know about ACR, kind of hard to miss. I looked it over some years ago, probably at least 3-4 times and decided not to get it because it's a large mod and I know I would be turning most of it off, and was concerned because I didn't think I could just yank it should I want to. I don't see the point in getting a mod and turning most of it off. Instead I got risky woohoo, Adults go steady and Romance mod. Those serve about all I need.

#5 22-02-2015 
That's what it means indeed. We use ACR, so there's never been a need for us to dive into the BCONs of this "Risky Woohoo" mod. Sorry about that. Smile

#6 22-02-2015 
Well yeah, forgive us for not being mind readers and knowing you'd already ruled out ACR. A little introduction to your problem would help next time, rather than jumping into the middle of a question and leaving us to fill in the blanks. You might even consider saying "thanks" when people try to help. Dodgy

#7 22-02-2015 
The text file README-riskywoohoo-how-to-change.txt included in the zip tells you how to change it. If you cannot understand that then I'm afraid I can't make it any simpler.

#8 23-02-2015 
Sorry, I didn't realize that I had to mention ruling out ACR, I was just asking if anyone knew about the mod I linked to.

Perhaps I am missing something. My Read me that I went over has no mention of what to do in simpe. What I have in the folder is called README_SS_RiskyWoohoo.txt. Maybe I should download the mod again again in case there was another read me and I deleted it or something.

Thank you all.

#9 23-02-2015 
@joandsarah, if people don't know beforehand of your reasons for choosing one mod over the other, and have no idea how to fix your specific issue, you can bet a keg of your favorite ginger beer that they will suggest alternatives. Because often, that works very well and usually the help-seeker in question is happier using the alternative mod, if you ask them about it later. Therefor, I think it might have been helpful if you had mentioned that, including the reason of WHY you excluded ACR.

Now they made that suggestion, and you responded a little annoyed that they did that in stead of helping you fix your thing. THAT is what I think made Fansee react the way she did.

Of course, you could always try to get hold of the original author of your mod, because THEY would know best how to help... Though I imagine he's not around a whole lot on MTS. From what I know he resides at MATY, if he even resides at all... At first I did not want to send you there - because they can be brutal - but perhaps I should not have tried to protect you.

#10 23-02-2015 
Hey joandsarah, I just downloaded the file from MTS 'syberspunk_817585_EP8_SS_RiskyWoohoo' inside the zip file was the txt, Lunie mentioned. I took a look at it and it's pretty easy to follow, from what I can see. I've attached it here for you, hope no one minds. Just for the record, I'd never heard of ACR or Risky Woo Hoo before reading this thread. Blush

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