Lighting Mods for The Sims 2?
#1 21-02-2015 
Hi! Was just wondering what people do for their pictures to look so beautifully bright on a few custom content-dedicated websites, such as this one (for example):

or on this image:

[Image: 5f874022-0d6f-4444-be3a-8fa2ff42827a.jpg]

Is it really, and only altered with a separate photo editor software? Or perhaps do they use this mod: SweetFX HD mod, which can be found there:

Besides, what do you think about that SweetFX thing? Apparently, it was made for The Sims 4, but can *possibly* be used with The Sims 3 and 2. Is it risky for me to try it on TS2?

Thank you Fishies! Smile
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#2 21-02-2015 
What I often find helpful, is to place some lamps when it's inside in rooms with very few windows, or when it's dark out. Or before taking the shots, I use the 'sethour' cheat to set the time to the brightest hours of the day, say between 10 AM and 2 PM. Or when it's cloudy, and/or raining, I use whatever cheat (like Paladin's weather controller or the batbox) to adjust the weather and make it sunny.

And if all else fails, I might just play a little with the brightness and contrast settings on my monitor.

Of course, I could go looking for some mod to change the lighting, but that's just another mod that I would use only VERY sporadically, but which would take up some memory and processor time even when it's not needed. So that's a route I prefer NOT to follow. Big Grin

#3 21-02-2015 
Pretty sure those pictures are just heavily edited in a graphics program. Looks like they've increased the brightness and saturation to get that bright bright green and overall bright look.

#4 21-02-2015 
BO, I think you're right, it's safer. Hence my question, I had a doubt. Smile

Ok, Fansee'. I thought I could get the same look, within the game. Smile

Thanks to both.

#5 22-02-2015 
Like BO I use "setHour" for outdoor screenshots, to brighten up indoor screenshots I knock out a section of the outer wall but it only works if you have shadows turned off, if I want shadow to show once again like BO I use lamps.

As for editing pics like the one in your post, and the ones in the link, no way, the only editing I do is if there is a lot of blue sky, I use a cloud overlay to break it up. As far as I'm concerned what someone sees in your screenshots should be what they see in their game.


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