Lookie who's joining our family :)
#1 25-02-2015 
Brandon and the girls have been asking for a puppy. I've been saying no...till this little lady popped up on my Facebook feed Tongue She's a Beagle/Australian Cattle Dog mix, which is the same mix as Sadie, our 11 y/o dog. I just couldn't pass her up. We will pick her up this evening. I'm thinking of naming her Lita, for Lita ford.

a.k.a amotheroffourgirlswhosslowlylos​​singhermindmoreandmoreveryday

#2 25-02-2015 
awwwwww, so cute Smile

#3 26-02-2015 
Sees a change coming soon....

a.k.a amotherofthreegirlsANDNOWAPUPPYOMYWHATWASITHINKINGwhosslowlylos​​singhermindmoreandmoreveryday

#4 26-02-2015 
Oh MY - what a sweetie!!! Look at those widdle pursed lips... so sweeeeet Heart

#5 26-02-2015 
How adorable! Big Grin Love her colouring!


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