How do I use AGS without a DVD/rom drive?
#1 01-03-2015 
I want to use AGS on my little netbook - I already have all the EPs/SPs installed on it...
But - my netbook doesn't have a CD/DVD/rom drive-thingy. I used an external one with a USB to install the game; but I play it from a shortcut on my desktop. Is there a way to set up shortcuts for different AGS games?
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#2 01-03-2015 
Hi Cat, I don't know - myself - how to do anything with AGS, because I've never used it. But besides the fact that CD/DVD-rom drives should have nothing to do with it, I know two things...

1. There are folks over at Simbology that do AGS and should therefor be able to help you.
2. You're already registered there (I'm an admin, so I know).

So, I invite you to come ask this question over there Smile

#3 01-03-2015 
OK - see ya over there! Thanks BO Smile


Sorry, that is a members only option