Desperately seeking advice or help.
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Yay, all of it is working! Celebrate GO, YOU!! Does it sound silly if I say I'm proud of you? Blush Because I really am; these aren't easy things to do, but you've done 'em - and not only that, you've learnt how to do them. Following instructions is one thing, but actually understanding instructions, and understanding them well enough that you can use them (and use them confidently, at that) to make something on your own, without guidance? That's something else entirely, and not something everybody can do. But you can. Heart

In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure what those GMND entries actually do; I only know that they don't do any harm if you leave them in (and they don't bloat the package). So I leave them in, since I'm lazy like that. Wink

Oh! When I was looking at your mattress, I noticed that they X translation was set to 95 (well, 0.095). Wasn't it 52 for Shaundak's beds? (Or am I getting my beds confused? That's quite possible. Tongue) I thought it looked like the bedding was clipping into the ladder a little. But if you've set it to 95 on purpose and want it like that, then don't mind me. Smile

And that you very much for your offer. Heart (Don't be silly, of course I'm not laughing!) I might very well take you up on it some time; you're much better at texturing than I am, for one thing.
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@NixNivis and @Michelle

Please pardon the necromancy of this thread, but I did want to state for a fact, this information was extremely helpful for a beginner mesher such as myself. Because of this very post, I was able to successfully troubleshoot my template package and get my meshes working.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this post, and for having the discussion in a public forum. Big Grin

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And such is exactly why we prefer to have all such and other help discussions in public: because it allows others, who did not participate, to learn from it. You yourself are a good example of that, @LadySilverwolf. Well done, and congratulations.

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That's great, @LadySilverwolf! So glad you found this ol' thread useful. Big Grin


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