...AND the computer has died again...
#1 03-03-2015 
attempting resuccitation - but if you don't see me around then WHOOSH has gone to the big PC in the sky and I'm off to find a new WHOOSH.

Fortunately everything is backed up.

This time its the message 'BOOTMGR' is missing. So following the steps to repair windows.
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#2 03-03-2015 
Oh no! Not again, sorry to hear that, at this stage I would be renaming the computer to giant lump of s***. Angry

#3 03-03-2015 
Oh no! I hope you manage to get it fixed quickly. Good luck. Heart

#4 03-03-2015 
That should be a pretty easy fix, Kiri. In fact- I'm pretty sure that's one of the things a repair should fix.

#5 03-03-2015 
Oh no Kiri! Sending big hugs your way Heart

#6 03-03-2015 
I'd say Whoosh is just addicted to the extra attention...

#7 03-03-2015 
MLC - yeah, normally Repair windows does work for this. However my PC has decided the disk I have that was used to install it (and I know because I installed it) is an incompatible version and so can't use it to repair.

I'm sending it to my techie friend who's going to be able to sort it out better than I can, but I have authorised him to buy me a new PC if it all goes belly up.

#8 03-03-2015 
Oh no. Sad Glad you have everything backed up, but geez, that bites.

#9 03-03-2015 
Oh noes. Sad Like Jo said, glad you have everything backed up, but still. No fun. Here's to hoping your techie friend can fix whatever needs to be fixed!

#10 03-03-2015 
Hope it can be fixed Sad But at least it's all backed up if not!


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