Speaking of 'beds', CDO has struck me again!
#1 06-03-2015 
I have just pared down my bedding recolors - now only a mere 234 bedspreads! (as opposed to 500+) Blush

But, that's not good enough for my CDO* - I really WANT to organize them by color family Rolleyes Oh, yes I do!
I'm wondering if I could mess around with their "family (dtString)" numbers to make them line up how I want them?

Has anyone tried this before? I did a bit of something like this years ago - organizing my sim closets. I also managed to get their hairs in order - all the short styles, all the shoulder length, all the long, etc... But, I did that by assigning them different EP/SP numbers some how. I don't remember.

Anyway - I'm onto bedspreads now! Any ideas? (Besides conquering my insanity?) LOL!

*OCD in order!
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#2 07-03-2015 
To be honest, I don't know if their family strings are what it's ordered on.

Given that you've ordered them by EP/SP before - I'd go that way again.

I don't have my PC at the moment so I can't get into SimPE to be able to point out how you did it. But I'm sure someone else here would.

Also - if you pick out your 32 most favourite bedspreads you can default them - there's a tutorial here on how to do that. That will save you some trouble as well.

#3 07-03-2015 
Thanks Kiri! I already use most of Lunie's defaults.
I don't think I can order these by EP/SP - hairs were different, they had EP/SP classifications because different ones came with different packs. But the bedspreads are all for that one BG double bed. I know they do not load in name order Blush ...tried that *sigh*

I hope Whoosh (Or a shiny new replacement with every bell and whistle you could never need - that doesn't cost ANYthing! LOL!) will be with you soonly!

#4 07-03-2015 
Wow, 234 bedspreads! Sounds like my hair catalog. Rofl Good luck with it Cat.

#5 07-03-2015 
*sigh* Thanks, Jo. Rolleyes You're really not helping. fishslap

#6 08-03-2015 
Lol, I have no idea of what you are trying to achieve. Except somehow you can do 'something' to them to make them group together in the catalog as you click over them? May as well be talking Greek Cat. There are clever people here and I is not one of em.

#7 08-03-2015 
@CatherineTCJD, like joandsarah, I can't help at all but I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find a way to sort them.

Just have to add OMG! I only have 2 bedding recolours and 2 custom hairs in my game.

#8 08-03-2015 
There is nothing in a recolor file that has any values associated with load order. You can however use folders to get them to load together.

#9 08-03-2015 
Ah! Thank you HL. That's the info I was looking for. And, may I say, "Poohpity-doopity-doo!" 'Cuz that's what I was hoping NOT to hear.

WAIT! "Folders"? Not collections - you can't collectify recolors. Do you mean, @HugeLunatic, if I put all the red bedspreads together in a subfolder of my DL folder, that all the red bedspreads will be together when scrolling through my bedspreads? If so - that's exactly what I want! Brilliant! (If that's what you're saying here?)

#10 10-03-2015 
Yep, that is what I'm saying. The game goes down the list to load things, so if you organize by folders and alphabetical, that is the load order.


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