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Hi everyone. Sorry I've been rather absent for a while, I didn't open my game up at all for a months and lost interest a little bit. However, a couple of months ago I fired it up again, and now have another neighbourhood littered with unfinished building projects, hehe.

Right now though, with the BPS download section closing, I'm moving what I had there to new homes on the interwebs, including my new Tumblr: Paintbox Sims And this, I felt was a perfect time to update and improve my lots, and upload new stuff too Smile Here's a sneaky peak of the first house I'm re-doing, newly named Glenbrook:

[Image: Screen%20Shot%202015-03-20%20at%2015.55....oh2ruk.png]

[Image: Screen%20Shot%202015-03-20%20at%2015.54....uyo7z9.png]

It is mostly done, just need to do some more landscaping and the finish off the interior Smile

#2 21-03-2015 
Love the look of this house Big Grin

#3 21-03-2015 
If this were some type of public building - such as a school or an office of sorts - I would love it a lot. It seems very open and airy, even though we've seen only these two pics. Really a wonderful job!

However, if it were a residential, I would not want to live there, myself... Too many people would see way to much of my activities, my way of living, my style of doing things. *Privacy* would lose all of its meaning. But still, as I said: it looks wonderful!


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