Advice about Startpages for Chrome?
#1 23-03-2015 
Hi, I'm looking for an extension on Chrome with quick links. For example I click on "new tab", while I'm on Chrome, and I can quickly choose links (Facebook, Youtube, my site, Leefish, gmail, gmail calendar, my bank etc etc).

I have found this:

I have many links and I need organizate them easily and in a good style.

But I'm afraid about my personal data. Many startpages are on Cloud, so other people (or hackers..) can see it? Or with this startpage they can add a link in the search page, so when I search something they can look?

Do you use or know other startpages?

Thank you in advance

#2 23-03-2015 
Normally, even cloud accounts are protected to some extent. People can not look at your personal data without logging into your account. And to log in, they would need your username or email address AND your password. As long as they don't have that, they can not see your stuff in the cloud.

#3 24-03-2015 
Yeeeah IDK I don't trust cloud accounts. Personally I would not use them for important private information. I guess they're okay if you only put stuff on them that's not personal or worth hacking.


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