My week from hell and it's only Tuesday.
#1 24-03-2015 
So far this week I've had a friend die unexpectedly.

I was bitten 4 times on my good leg by a white tail spider.

Just before Christmas my dog Bo baby severed the ligaments and had to have 3 artificial ligaments inserted in his back leg, this morning I had to take him back to the vet because last night he severed the ligaments in his other back leg and hip.

I had just got home from the vet when the water board showed up and told me they'll have to dig up my entire yard to fix some pipes.

Then I received a phone call to say my niece collided with another girl while playing soccer at school yesterday and fractured the girls arm. My niece passed out at the dinner table last night and was taken to hospital with a fractured skull, the school didn't even have her checked out for a concussion after the incident, just sent her home with a 1 month suspension for "an act of violence".

As if that isn't enough my other dog Elli is running around the house howling, looking for Bo baby and tomorrow I go in and have a procedure on my bad knee.

Bo baby hadn't recovered from his last operation and couldn't have handled another operation so soon, the only other thing they could've done for him was pump him full of pain killers and anti inflammatories but he wouldn't have been able to walk. I'm going to miss him like hell, he gave the bestest cuddles in the world.
I'd like to thank everyone here especially Kiri for giving me the strength to do the right thing by him, he gave me one last cuddle before passing peacefully in my arms.

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#2 24-03-2015 
Oh Michelle - my heart is breaking for you. Sad

#3 24-03-2015 
"Bo baby"? Did you call me? Ok, too soon?

I'm so sorry about the crappy way your week started out, Shell. I'll sing and pray for Bo baby, wishing there was more I could do...

#4 24-03-2015 
(((hugs))) and prayers

#5 24-03-2015 
Oh Michelle, how awful. I'm so sorry. {{hugs}}

#6 24-03-2015 
Oh Michelle, many hugs Heart

#7 24-03-2015 
So sorry Michelle. Sad

#8 24-03-2015 
So sorry Michelle - what a truly horrible week.

#9 24-03-2015 
Oh Michelle. Sad I have no words. I wish I could hug you in person right now, I'd never let you go if I could, but all I can do is send {{{hugs}}} and love across the Internet. Heart

#10 24-03-2015 
Michelle! I hug you strongly! Sad <3


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