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Some time ago i posted a WIP about this sofa set
And now I'm ready to upload it Smile

Set consists of a:
3-seater sofa from which other seats borrow their texture
2-seater loveseat
an armchair
Price varies from 1200 to 4000 simoleons
3-seater: 1726\1331
2-seater: 1544\1178
armchair: 1342\1056 - a bit higher than average for 1-tile object

Each seating has two subsets:wood and fabric with full shadows
and it comes in 5 woods and 3 fabrics - files are clearly labeled
[Image: Goetz_Swatch_zps34z9mshb.png]
PS: i've added a psd with shadows in case you want recolour fabric(wood do not need it)

NB!!:Set has 2 versions:For people with Pets EP and without Pets EP - pick only one

As usually enjoy and let me know if something is wrong
Credits:Google for textures and Klaartje for testing packages for me

Open sofa fabric subset TXMT in 3-seater package
Under propeties tab find 4 lines that start with "stdMatNormalMap" and delete them
Then delete normal map TXTR - it's this strange blue image
x 11

Feel free to include my meshes with your lots and recolours
Feel free to recolour and convert to other games
NO PAYSITES(including TSR)
Credit is nice but not necessary
If you use my stuff I'd like to see it,so maybe drop me a link

Goetz Sofa Set Screenshot Goetz Sofa Set Screenshot Goetz Sofa Set Screenshot Goetz Sofa Set Screenshot      
Download link
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File Updated 20-04-2015

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#13 24-04-2015
@Michelle, Oh wow... the one named "Bright Red" here is a bit too bright.

You kow the red version of that loveseat that's shaped like a pair of lips? That is the exact shade of red I was hoping for. I think that would look mostly like "Rope" in the above picture.
On the other hand, I wouldn't hate getting LACK Red as a bonus, either. And Cardinal looks classy! Smile

Ah, you know the drill: I'm happy with one, and I'm happy with a bunch. When it comes to downloading your recols, I'm not picky. And of course, the woodworks will be done in your famous recols too? Big Grin

(See, he's getting greedy here... Tongue)

#14 24-04-2015
@BoilingOil, that makes it easy BO baby. Just for you, BO Red. ♥

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