April - May To Do List
#1 22-04-2015 
As the school holidays start next week, I thought it was appropriate to start the list for May a little earlier. And since we don't have an April list yet, why not combine them Big Grin Even though I have a ton of uni stuff to do, I hope I can still squeeze in some simming time.

1. Retexture Vimpse's hair folder in Poppet's textures.
2. Go through Bodyshop and make a list of all the meshes I want to retexture in unnatural colors.
3. Go through Bodyshop and delete all fugly hair meshes. --- Done!
4. Go through Bodyshop and sort out all the clothing.
5. 'Hood building.
6. Finishing the IKEA threeway mirror.
7. Write a tutorial on how to change the terrain type of a 'hood.
8. Add all downloaded CC to actual downloads folder. --- Done!
9. Comb through catalog and delete fugly CC.
10. Slave ImpishParody planters to IKEA Bladet.

11. King's Day Kit --- Done!
12. Redo 'hood terrain, apparently --- Done!
13. MidCentury Modern walls --- Done!
14. Poppet Ceramic Pots --- Done!
15. Recolor facial hair in Poppet's colors
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#2 22-04-2015 
Good plan Klaartje. I'm sorry I've been falling down on the job all over the place.

#3 22-04-2015 
You're not the only one, Kiri, I have too Sad


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