Hi, Greetings from México
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Hi, My name is El Macho, im from México (Guadalajara, Jalisco) and 27 years old.

I was searching for MyBB mods in the oficial page and I discovered this awosome page, it looks really diferent, it doesnt looks like a mybb forum. My principal interest is HTML and PHP resourcers (Im Chemical Enginner but love coding), my english is not bad but excuse if a write something wrong.

So, im coding some stuffs using some ideas taken from this page.

Great job Leefish.
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Welcome to Leefish, El Macho Smile

#3 02-05-2015 
Is this the ElMacho I think it is???

[Image: TAA5JpM.jpg]

Welcome to leefish. If you need any help with the coding feel free to ask.

#4 03-05-2015 
wave G'Day El Macho, welcome to Leefish.

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Hola ElMacho, bienvenido wave

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Welcome to LeeFish, El Macho! There are lots of different nationalities swimming in this little pond. Big Grin

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Welcome Here El Macho! Smile

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Greetings TO México, amigo. And welcome to Leefish.

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Thanks all of you, and yes, @leefish, I'm that macho you think I am Wink

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Hola amigo! I'd speak more Spanish, but that's about all I can remember. I too am still just a small fish here, having just recently joined.


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