in 12 days it will be my birthday.
#1 09-05-2015 
And I want to do a little something different this year.

Between now and my birthday, you can pm or post here to request something that I can do that you would like for your birthday (for the sims2 of course). But if you want something from Sims 1 that works too.

And I will do it.
And the plan is that on my birthday lots of people get what they’d like for presents! Rather than me just guessing what you’d like.
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#2 10-05-2015 
So far on the list

1. Playground Lot in non-fairytale colours.
2. Scout uniform converted from TS3 - will need help for this one. Big Grin

#3 10-05-2015 
You're motivated Kiri! Big Grin It's very original of you, and kind, but that goes without saying.

3. A few lamps from The Sims 4 (into TS2)? For example, the outdoors ones (colonial outdoor & mega wall lantern mainly) that can be seen on the first picture and that have been made for TS3:

Cheers Kiri! <3

[Image: MTS_TheJim07-1515781-03.jpg]

[Image: MTS_TheJim07-1515779-01.jpg]

#4 10-05-2015 
Poisson - I don't have TS4 - but if you can organise to get the meshes for me, I will try to do them for you.

#5 19-05-2015 
Hey Kiri', I don't know how to proceed but never mind. Perhaps another idea for you ...*shy*... the outdoor wall lamp from TS3 World Adventures? (the one that looks a bit like the Colonial Outdoor Wall Lamp seen on the screenshot just above)

Thank you anyway!

#6 19-05-2015 
Hi Possion - I don't have TS3 installed at the moment either. Sad

#7 20-05-2015 
Aww too bad. But never mind. You'll get a small present from me instead, it serves you right! Big Grin (it's tomorrow, isn't it?)

#8 20-05-2015 
Happy birthday, Kiri! I would just like the completed veggie bins please Smile

#9 20-05-2015 
If you'd still like things to add to the list.. I run into stuff all the time while building that I wish I had recolors of. Not saying that I remember what any of those things are right this moment, but um... I could talk myself into loading my game Friday (or sooner, not sure since I need a nap.. then I have my shows to watch tonight.. then I'll be out of town tomorrow) and make a little list. I'm thinking that most of it was Maxis meshes the last time I was in game. (Doing recolors isn't may favorite thing to do and recoloring Maxis meshes isn't my idea of fun either.) *IDEA!* Looking at my history might jog my memory since I was looking for recolors of some of it at MTS... *zooms off*

Ohhhhhh - before I forget again: Happy Birthday Kiri!! *huggles*

#10 20-05-2015 
* fanseelamb attempts to add 9+12.....

May 21? Tomorrow? Today in kiriland??? OMG.


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