Modding a table (that looks like an armoire) into a functioning dresser
#1 22-05-2015 
Hello everyone again. I love to come to this website because you are always so helpful. So here I am with yet a new question. Can I mod something like a table that looks like an armoire into an actual functional dresser. I have already tried messing with BHAV, STR, TTAB and TTA added all those from another working dresser but it comes up as that "No Pic" in the General Dressers section in buy mode with the little "*" under it. So yeah please help me again. You ladies and gents never let me down.
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#2 23-05-2015 
I would think it would be easier to clone an existing dresser or armoire than to try to add the missing resources. Of course, that means you'd need to know how to make new stuff for the game. AND if you want it to be animated you'd need to know how to use Milkshape to edit meshes and assign joints.

That said, the missing picture in the catalog could be because of the STR. If there are any errors having to do with the material(s) (which is the texture) that can happen. There are other things that can go wrong and cause that too - as talked about by Numenor here: I'm not 100% sure that the way you're trying to do it will work or not, but give the checklist a look through and see if any of those errors are in your package or not. If they are, fix them and see if it's fixed! Smile

#3 23-05-2015 
Thank you mustluvcatz for responding. If you look on this website the creator just cloned an end table and made it a dresser. I don't need it to have the animations and all, just want the look of this armoire and make it function like a dresser. So just pull in the pie menu stuff and behavior stuff. I must be missing something because its not working. And I have tried so many variations that sometimes it comes up in the game and I see the pictures and when i click on it I do get the pie menu but the sim just wont do the action. And sometimes I get the no pic.

#4 24-05-2015 
Honestly, I think it would be much easier for you simply to clone a dresser and give it the mesh and texture of the armoire (well, given that you know how to make objects, like MLC said); as you've already experienced, it's not easy to pull the behaviour and everything from one object and paste it onto a completely different type of object, but it's very easy to mess something up. You don't have to make it animated if you don't want to, it will still be functional even if it isn't.

#5 24-05-2015 
Thank you NixNivis for your suggestion. But I am not at all experienced. LOL. I am the most inexperienced person when it comes to making sims stuff. I know how to clone an dresser. What would I need to take from the table/armoire and import into the cloned dresser. I would greatly appreciate it. For instance I know you need probably the shape object data and texture image, I know how to export those but what else would I need from the textures of the table/armoire to import into the cloned dresser.

#6 24-05-2015 
You're welcome. Smile And all you need from the armoire are the GMDC and the texture image. That's it. You'll probably need to change the group name in the GMDC after importing it, though, but I (and I'm sure MLC and others, too) would be happy to talk you through how to do it. It sounds more complicated than it is, I promise. Smile

#7 24-05-2015 
Hi again, ok Nixnivis I did exactly what you said just imported the GMDC and the texture image from the armoire. When I go into the game it looks like the dresser that I cloned, so that's bad, and its black and white and words all over kinda looks like a newspaper. Also I don't know if in the GMDC should I leave the files that are there and just rename them to match the armoire? I see that in the cloned dresser there are 4 GMDC's but the armoire only has one that's why I don't know if I need to leave them and modify then some way.

Im so confused, lol. I do need help with the naming.

Should I add the packages here so that you can see what Im doing and so I can be totally embarrassed of my horrible work. Or can this just be a walk through. I am determined to do this. Maybe this will finally get me into the world of creation for the sims 2 because I have tried and Sims 3(thumbs down) and sims 4 which is still lacking.

Help me wonderful knowledgeable people of LeeFish site!!!!!

#8 24-05-2015 
Going by what you said about how it looks in game, it would be a good idea for someone to take a look at it for you. Smile

#9 24-05-2015 
ok here it is, now this is someone elses work I just want this to function as a dresser

the one called dresser clone is the one I modified using the GMDC and the texture image. I renamed all the files that were in the original dresser to the name of the new armoire.

second one is the actual armoire that looks like a dresser unmodified.

Thank you I hope I don't get in trouble by modifying someone's work. I just want it for my game. Smile

edit: It wont let me add the package.

is it here?

#10 24-05-2015 
Can someone please be so wonderful and tell me what files I can attach here?


Sorry, that is a members only option