anyone mind helping me find a couple mods for Sims 2?
#1 24-05-2015 
The first one is for no enthusiasm decay by tunaisafish. It's listed in this enthusiasm overhaul near the bottom of the first post, under where is says "OTHER COMPATIBLE OPTIONAL FILES", but I can't find any sort of link to the no decay mod anywhere. The no decay mod wasn't part of that overhaul , I know because I downloaded and am using that overhaul. I have seen another no decay mod done by someone else, but I really don't want to register on a site just for 1 thing, and I know the one I'm looking for wouldn't conflict with the overhaul mods.

The other thing I'm looking for is a way to stop random people from just walking into my house uninvited. I remember having this problem in the past, but honestly I can't remember if it was caused by a mod or if it's something that can happen with no mods. I remember finding a solution before, but I can't remember what the heck it was. I've tried looking around, but most of the results I see are for either Sims 3 or 4.

If anyone can help with either of these I would really appreciate it. The no enthusiasm decay mod isn't a big concern, but I definitely want to stop these random people from walking into my house.
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#2 24-05-2015 
Hi again, Haywud.

Have you registered at Simbology, in order to try and ask for help about Tunaisafish' mods there? The post you link to is on their site, so one of them might know where these files may be found. They aren't bad people, really, and quite helpful too, all of them. Tunaisafish hasn't shown himself for years now, although he was once a very regular visitor, but Pandaah still occasionally does. Anyway, I also know that some of Tuna's work can be found on MTS, but nothing enthusiasm related, alas.

The business about sims walking into your house... Could you be more specific? If they are sims who come talk to one of your sims about their hobbies, I wouldn't worry too much, because they aren't just any *random sims*; they come for a specific function (enthusiasm related again) and they do ONLY that and then leave again immediately! But if you still want that fixed (which I could understand, because it's still not really realistic), or if you're talking about other sims who walk in, there might be people over at Simbology who can help with that as well.
If it's about visitors to home businesses who simply walk into the private section of the house as if that's the store, I know someone who has written a mod for that. You've already met him here Tongue

Finally, some links to very helpful stuff can be found at The Wooden Simolean. The owner of that site is also one of the admins at Simbology by the way, just as yours truly. Big Grin
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#3 24-05-2015 
For the uninvited guests, so far it seems to happen in a similar situation each time. It seems to happen when I call to invite someone over, and every now and then I'll get what seems to be a random walkby that just suddenly walks in like they were invited. Whenever it happens the uninvited guest always shows up well after the invited one, so it isn't like the uninvited one was coming with the other person. I also make sure that I don't use the greet everyone command when an invited guest shows up and anyone else is walking by. It definitely isn't the hobby sims, they are a bit annoying but at least they come and go without problems and are pretty easily ignored. It isn't a home business either, because I really can't remember ever trying a home business.

It definitely doesn't seem to be a common problem, but can be pretty annoying when it happens. That Wooden Simolean site had a link to something that could possibly help, but until I run a thorough check I won't know for sure. I'm really hoping it works!

#4 24-05-2015 
Did you check your MTS thread, I posted back with a link the same day. Not the first one, another one.

Edit: I see you did post back, blah I got no notification. Well that's a huge disappointment, maybe they took it down.

#5 26-05-2015 
I think I got the problem sorted out with random Sims walking into my house. When browsing The Wooden Simolean I saw a link to one of Cyjon's mods I never even considered using, but it seems to be what I needed. The mod is called "Kid Collection Fix", and according to the description it "Fixes bugs causing nighttime walkbys to invite themselves into your home." I did look through most of Cyjon's mods recently, but not all of them, and never even looked at that one because I only saw the title and assumed I wouldn't have a use for it. Then I saw it on The Wooden Simolean and read the description, and I stopped to realize that each time a Sim was just walking into my house it was at night!

So after putting the mod in and playing for a while I am yet to see another person just barge into my house. The only exceptions are the various University NPCs that normally walk right in anyway when at college, though I use the Visitor Controller for those so that isn't a problem at all.

#6 26-05-2015 
Cool! I'm happy for you that you got that sorted out, @haywud! I still wonder why I never had that problem, though I don't use this fix. Some other (combo of) mod(s) must give the same protection, somehow. Smile

#7 27-05-2015 
I have a feeling that problem is mod related, though since there's a mod that fixes it I've never really stopped to check if any mods were causing people to just walk in. It almost has to be the result of a mod I use, then again there's some pretty goofy stuff that happens in the game even without mods. At least no one has just walked in even after a few days of testing, so I'm pretty confident it isn't a problem anymore! Big Grin


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