Hey! I'm Dal :D
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daluved1....the creator

I'm daluved1, but I'm usually referred to as dal.

Back in the early days of TS3, I made my mark in the sim's community by writing several create-a-sim tutorials. Most can be found over at ModTheSims, and my video tutorials are at TheSimSupply.

When it comes to TS3, I mostly focus on Create-A-Sim stuff. Although I'm not particular *good* at creating (I hate to texture because I have no patience), I do know how to do just about everything. So if you ever need help, feel free to ask me for it.

Also lately, I have found that I have a knack for creating sims as well.
One of my favorites is Connie Ning.

daluved1....in technicolor

In real life, I'm referred to as Alaina. I live in the hot and humid state of Louisiana. I currently attend Louisiana State University, pursuing a degree in Mathematics (Secondary Education).

I like to draw and paint, although I haven't done anything in almost a year. To see some of my older works, visit me on deviantArt.
Leesesters favourite make up artist

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Hey hey Dal - thanks for the intro - will have to go and make mine a bit more exciting (Lee chews fin nervously)
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hihi Dal!

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yea, its like the MTS create chat "old home week" on here.....
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