Nixed Sims Update, 25 May
#1 25-05-2015 
[Image: pottersapprentictitle.jpg]

A functional pottery table for your little wannabe potters. (It's not my fault, Shastakiss made me do it! Tongue)

#2 25-05-2015 
This is very cute. It can be be mom and daughter or father/son, mom/son father/daughter outing. Thanks for sharing.

#3 25-05-2015 
*Jumps up and down about it here too*

I realized I can use this in both my modern and my medieval hoods as all the regular plates are there as well.
[Image: snapshot_c09e076e_c26f802f_zps4x7wg75h.jpg]

#4 28-05-2015 
Thank you! Big Grin

@joandsarah that picture is adorable! Smile

#5 31-05-2015 
It's wonderful for my medieval kids to have something more to do, so thank you so much for making it. Big Grin


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