Cookie Law for MyBB 1.8?
#1 01-06-2015 
Hi, from tomorrow in all european websites (even free and amateur sites) have to add banner with "Accept / Decline" cookies and privacy terms.

The problem is that need block all cookies just a user access to the website :/ I think only block cookies of MyBB, not also cookies from third parts.

This plugin is compatible with 1.8 but it's safe?

#2 02-06-2015 
#3 02-06-2015 
Thank you Lee...anyaway in Italy this law is a total mess. It is impossible to block third-party cookies (advertising, Adsense etc.) before users agree.

I am reading everywhere, some webmasters say that we should just put the warning, others who must also proactively block cookies, but even the big sites aren't doing this.
Some say that the question of cookies blocked was launched by a service fee (which automatically creates the privacy policy etc).

As usual in other countries the law is clear and without problems, in Italy the government always writes impossible laws (impossible to interpret) and allow some people to earn above, with the terror of fines if you are not in good standing..

#4 02-06-2015 
The only thing *I* hate about this whole thing, is that all webmasters now use this as an excuse to ram cookies down everyone's throats. In the early days, the really good websites would offer you a choice of two experiences:
  • *do* accept cookies and get the best representation ever
  • *don't* accept cookies and get a simple, low-quality version

However now they all make it: "We are forced to tell you about our cookies, so we do. Accept it or get nothing at all!"

That's what we get when governments interfere. They pretend to think about our best interests, but they have no idea of the effect of their meddling.

#5 08-08-2015 
Finally (maybe) I have found the solution for block all cookies (cookies third party like Adsense, ads banners, Facebook Like/Share, Twitter button etc):

Is it safe?

#6 08-08-2015 
Yea,it is ok Deb, but why not use Matts plugin from github?

#7 08-08-2015 
(08-08-2015 04:05 PM)leefish Wrote:  Yea,it is ok Deb, but why not use Matts plugin from github?

It doesn't block cookies of third party. The Italian law talks about block cookies profiling (?): banner ads (affiliations), Adsense, Social buttons etc and need a script to don't set these cookies until a visitor consents (preventing cookies?).

Mybb cookies aren't profiling, only to do's a mess here Sad I found this: "Cookies statistics issued by the owner of the site or who do not draw the visitor's IP address (eg Google Analytics with Anonymize IP) are excluded from the legislation.

The major problems with this law are related to the use of so-called third-party cookies. The Authority for the Protection of Personal Data has specified in the order that the publisher must release the information and ask for consent even with regard to third-party cookies.

Basically it refers to publishers that use one of the many circuits of advertising (such as Google Adsense platform) available to give financial support to the activities of their websites or their blogs. Well, these publishers, until they haven't obtained the consent from the user, can't load tags advertising. Therefore, banner ads can't be displayed because they rely cookies profiling and for this reason it is necessary to obtain the consent of users to whom it will be up to grant permission or not to use this tool.

On many websites, now the vast majority of them, there are the so-called 'Social Buttons'. They allow you to share one of the content of the website in question also on one of the profiles created by users on one or more social networks. Well, the decision of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data requires those who make use of these buttons block the loading of these objects, to show an informative short and require the consent of the visitor."

In short, I don't have to load cookies just a guest arrives on my site Big Grin if user consents to cookies then all unlocked.

And then that plugin refresh the page and returns to index of the forum Sad Instead plugin enable cookies and no refresh the page.

#8 08-08-2015 
Lee I solved, found a guide in Italian in order to block all cookies and it works. The guide is from a forum of a school that I attended lol

#9 09-08-2015 
Got a link to it Deb? The guide, not the school Tongue

#10 09-08-2015 

Sorry, that is a members only option