Hello European Peoples...
#1 06-06-2015 
Arrived in Ireland yesterday.

So far I have done some sleeping. Smile
I am hoping to do some shopping today.

Also taking my camera out for a spin now that I've found the recharger and the connection to the laptop etc. What sort of pictures am I going to take? Pictures of things I can simmize of course. Big Grin
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#2 06-06-2015 
Ireland, yay! I hope you have a great time... and am glad you're able to keep in touch with us fishies while you're there. Big Grin

#3 06-06-2015 
Hey Kiri Big Grin

I see you brought the sunshine with you Big Grin

#4 06-06-2015 
i did my best Karen. Smile We had rain in Dublin yesterday, but it's been mostly fine today and I did get out and have a bit of a look around. I think tomorrow is going to be my Dublin tourist day - there's a writer's museum just down the road Big Grin

#5 06-06-2015 
Welcome to this side of the Great Divide Kiri Big Grin Hope you have a wonderful time in Ireland and around Smile

#6 06-06-2015 
Soooo jealous! Have a great time, Kiri!

#7 06-06-2015 
Kiri'! You'll like Ireland and Europe so much that you won't feel like leaving us! Tongue Hope you'll get good time there!

However, indeed, the weather is much finer here in continental Europe (France, Germany, Spain, etc.), than in the islands of the North-West (Great Britain, Ireland, etc.)... But this doesn't matter; what matters is people you meet... Smile

#8 06-06-2015 
Thanks Poisson. I lived in Dublin between 2006 - 2009 so I'm already aware of the lure of Europe. Smile I loved France when I visited it, so many wonderful places. My favourites were Bayeux and Mont St Michel.

The weather here for Summer, is very close to the weather in Melbourne in Autumn, so I'm feeling pretty good about it all. Enjoying the extra daylight. Smile

#9 07-06-2015 
I do have partly Irish origins, but I've never been there (I wish I can go there one day)... And I think I'm able to say that I'm a true European patchwork guy, lol, having Irish and German origins by my father, and Italian, by my mother. But that's another story. lol

It was hot lately where I live, in the North-East of France, breaking the 30°C mark (or 86°F – I think Australian people use the Fahrenheit unit of measure?)...

Please, post pictures of your trip if you want! ^_^

#10 07-06-2015 
Cool beans you lucky thing. I haven't been over to Europe since 1981. have a great time, hope the weather is nice.


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