Thought About All My Fishy Friends
#1 18-06-2015 
[Image: 11538032_422404304614516_204418610620456...e=55F3F4D4]

* justJones loves you all! Heart
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#2 18-06-2015 
Maybe it means we were born in the wrong place, so far away from all the people that would one day become our best friends.

#3 18-06-2015 
Well, then one of us had to be born in the right place...I say me, the rest of you were all born in the wrong place Tongue

#4 18-06-2015 
You can say what you wish, dear. But that doesn't necessarily make it so Tongue

#5 19-06-2015 
[Image: 45718134.jpg]

If Cpt Picard is making it so, then it must be Wink

#6 19-06-2015 
Jones FTW!

#7 19-06-2015 
* leefish shuffles past

#8 19-06-2015 
I know I was born in the right place because I've tried other places and always ended up right back where I started from. So. Sorry to say, but if anyone wants to see my smiling face in person.. you're gonna have to come to me! Unless you're in the Chicago area. Then I can "travel".

* mustluvcatz sits in the corner and waits for everyone to book their tickets to Chicago

#9 19-06-2015 
Nothing trumps the 'Pi-card', Maria. So we'll all have to live with it, I fear.

#10 20-06-2015 
I'm not terribly far from Chicago...just a couple states east Wink Maybe half way, in Indiana, lol.


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