Improved banking object
#1 27-06-2015 
This is a little outside the kind of mod you might usually do, but it's still BHAVs and BCONs, and you're the only active modder I know that I think might be able to pull this off.

I've always loved Monique's computer, because of it's banking feature. But it's very hard-wired in terms of how it works, and interest is much too steep for my taste. I also don't like that you gain interest regardless of where the Sim is, so you might get interest multiple times in the same time period if a Sim visits a lot of community lots.

The other option I use is Cyjons loan jar, which is a bit more free, but only allows loans, not deposits. And interest happens daily, with 1% as the lowest amount which racks up really fast for bigger loans. But it only does it on the lot the jar is placed, so it is better than the computer in that sense. I know there are other options out there, but they all have their limtations.

Every player has their own personal preference on how to set up their economy (if they bother) and having such set-in-stone ways really limits what you can do. What I'd like to see is a banking object that will
- Allow loans and deposits. Separate would be optimal, perhaps make it object-tied as with the loan jar.
- Only works on the lot it's placed on
- Allows a variety of interest rates
- Allows a variety of different frequencies for interest. For example, being able to set it to add interest every X days.
Cyjon so kindly allows his code to be used, so a modified version of the loan jar may be a good place to start, since it already has some of these functions.

I realize this is very complex and may be way beyond what you want to take on. But I wanted to at least post and see what happens. I'd help out in every way that I can. I'm not the greatest modder, but I have some modding-knowledge and I'm good at testing.

#2 27-06-2015 
Regardless of what people might say about me, I'm not the greatest modder either, @gummilutt. Tongue And there are still other active modders, too. True, this request is a bit more complicated, and way outside the scope of the kind of things I usually work on. But yeah, it's getting harder to find able people who are also willing to try new things! And heck, I would like a somewhat better banking system *myself*!

So yeah, I'm willing to mull this idea over a bit, because it sounds interesting. I have no issues ripping ideas from Cyjon's mods, since I know of his "use what you can"-policy. He has succesfully applied it to some of my mods as well, and I consider that an awesome compliment! Nor do I mind adapting mods that were originally created by people who have long left the community. So I'll happily look at Monique's banking system, too. Just like I used her Family Aspiration Notebook as a basis for my Reward Catalog.

However, be aware that I can not give you an ETA on the arrival of any results, whatever they may be. I've been out of the loop for a while, am still a bit rusty, and have developed some new interests since then as well. So it may take a bit. If you can find anyone else willing and able to release something before I do, I will not blame you!

#3 27-06-2015 
Last time I tried to find someone to take on a modding project, I got sick of trying to find someone and eventually figured it out myself, so I have no high hopes of finding anyone else. I wouldn't even know where to look! Tongue I was very excited when I heard you are back to creating.

And I absolutely don't expect an ETA, that would be impossible to give. I'm quite content knowing that one day it may exist Smile And like I said, if I can be of any assistance at all, let me know.

Reading my own post I realize the whole separate deposit/loan might be confusing if one is not familiar with the fact that Monique's computer only has the one account. If you have a loan and deposit money, it'll pay off the loan. I'd like a Sim to be able to have a loan, and a savings account. Maybe you already got that, but just in case Smile

#4 28-06-2015 
Hmmm, no, I had not gathered that from the previous description (maybe because, being a dutchman, I sometimes miss nuances in English texts), so it's good that you mention this here and now. It may complicate matters a bit, but since nothing has been done yet, maybe that makes little difference Smile

#5 28-06-2015 
Maybe it's easier to make two separate objects? One that lets you save money, and one that lets you take loans Smile

#6 28-06-2015 
Yeah, you already mentioned that option. And I deliberately ignored it, because I don't know any RL banks that do savings but no loans, or vice versa! So if I make this, I will want to attempt making it do both as well! And Monique's banking system also uses only one bank. So if I modify that mod, I don't have two banking objects to work with, but only one! Yes, I'm stubborn that way Smile

#7 28-06-2015 
Haha. You're the one doing the work, so whatever way seems better to you Tongue I'll get out of your hair and let you figure it out. I wonder though, might it be okay if I ask you questions if I get stuck on some modding project of my own? Phaenoh is kind enough to let me bug her, but the kind of thing I do is much more your territory.

#8 28-06-2015 
That would be ok, if you keep it in a separate thread. I would not want it to overcrowd this request. There is a help section around here somewhere, and I always check out new threads. So you don't even need to mention my name or send me a PM.

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#10 02-08-2015 
I thought of another feature that it would be great if the object could have, which is to be able to enter the amount to deposit/borrow, rather than have preset numbers to pick from. Monique's computer is great, but the fact that you can only deposit set amounts is kind of annoying. I often have to have my Sim deposit 3-4 times in a row to get the correct number, and in my orphanage I have to manually keep track of the teens income since I can't add things like 87 or 112.


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