Quirky Little Gems
#1 03-07-2015 
I found an interesting article on Strange Tomato's tumblr about odd little gems from TS2 that are hidden in the game, that you could play for years and miss. There was a link to Snooty Sims that had BUNCHES of them! Some of them, I'd come across in my own game play. Others? I had NO idea!


BEWARE: these could be considered 'spoilers' if you like discovering these things by yourself!

Have you found any others on your own? I sure have!

For one thing, if a sim flushes the toilet while another sim is in the shower, it can trigger the sim in the shower screaming and running out. I've only seen it happen once, and I cracked up laughing when it happened.

Another thing I found out... I think it's based on high logic points, but if you have University installed, some sims can hack into the school's computer system and change their grades. If your logic isn't high enough, you could get busted and get into SERIOUS trouble.

And my FAVORITE little quirk... I don't know what the conditions need to be to make it happen, but I had a sim child rub her feet on a decorative rug, then walk over and shock her little brother. haha! Again, it only happened once, and i nearly missed it, because I wasn't watching them very carefully. But it was hilarious!

Have you found any other quirky hidden gems in the game besides the ones listed? Post away! I figure, if i haven't found 'em by now, something tells me I'm probably not gonna find 'em on my own anyway.


#2 03-07-2015 
I guess that to some *new* players, all these things are new and special, but I heard of most of these quirks long ago, and uncovered some of them myself, too. In fact, some of these are so well-known that modders made fixes to prevent them.
  • Flushing the toilet while another sim is in a shower in the same room will *always* cause the sims to have a serious fallout and their relation to take a nose dive! That's why I often separate the two by use of some room dividers. Once the game considers them to be in different rooms, this quirk will not happen anymore.
  • Hacking grades is dangerous. It's possible for your sims to gain points on their GPA for the semester, but it can also cause them to trip an alarm that causes campus security to come after them, in which case they may LOSE points or even be expelled! In most cases, when a sim can do this, they're already doing way to good to take the risk anyway.
  • I know that TwoJeffs has included a fix against the static-rug prank in one of his mods, and perhaps Pescado and Squinge made some too.

#3 03-07-2015 
Don't forget yoga on a coffee table Smile You need the right sim and the right coffee table, but they can do it.

#4 03-07-2015 
Yeah, a reasonably good physical condition and some interest in fitness is paramount for yoga, I believe. Smile

There is, however, a quirk that I think deserves mentioning. It's something that I have never seen mentioned anywhere else, too.

When a sim has gained some business perks, they can teach them to others. So far, there's nothing new. But what very few people know, is the following: normally teaching a sim even a single level of the perk will take several hours. But you can speed it up considerably. As soon as the "training bar" has appeared over the learning sim's head, cancel the interaction, and then start it again. Lather, rinse, repeat, and the recieving sim will gain the perk very quickly. I've had sims learn all five levels of a perk in under four hours.
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#5 03-07-2015 
Nice trick there BO . I shall remember that.

#6 03-07-2015 
Wait, people try and stop the static shock and shower flush thing from happening? Whaaa?! Those are the BEST. I try to make them happen as often as possible!

* fanseelamb is baffled

Ooh ooh I have one. The toddler bottle steal! That's super cute and pretty rare I think? If you have 2 toddlers and one is drinking from a bottle, you can have the other toddler click the bottle and try to steal it. Big Grin
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#7 03-07-2015 
I suppose the static shock isn't as rare as I thought it was... I've only seen it happen once. I've raised a few sets of twins, but i've never noticed a bottle-stealing option. But then again, i've never seen the toddlers hug each other, either. I guess i just don't pay that much attention to the little ankle-biters. I'll have to try that out!

#8 03-07-2015 
If you've seen toddlers huggle once, you've seen all there is to it. Sure it's cute for a change. It looks very sweet. But the sad thing is, that you won't just see them do it once... Because once they start, they will not stop! They will keep huggle-ing until either one dies, grows up or is removed from the scene by an adult. It tends to get very boring and annoying!

#9 03-07-2015 
HAHA! What color ghost do you get for being smothered to death by a hugging sibling? hahah! I'd always hoped that there would be some kind of scholarship for bowling and billiards. Even being a good swimmer should get you SOMETHING, no? I'm guessing it's no big secret that sloppy sims can pee in the hydroponics plants. I didn't know they could pee in regular bushes and campfires, if their outgoing score was high enough.

Speaking of campfires... i'd hoped the TS2 campfire would be able to spawn a ghost or something interesting, like the TS1 campfires. The TS1 campfires were so much more useful, what with the campfire sing-alongs and ghost stories, etc. The University Bonfire was a mega-disappointment to me, too. I expected SOMETHING quirky out of that... Some kind of llama /cow ritual or something! haha. that would've been awesome.

#10 03-07-2015 
Well there is the Bonfire Dance, that's cute. Your sim has to be near a lit Uni Bonfire, then click another sim and choose Bonfire Dance. I also like roasting marshmallows, especially when they accidentally set themselves on fire.

Also, BO, that cheaty cancel-restart thing to teach skills faster - do you know if it works on the special Freetime book skills too? My sim is currently studying Physiology and he seems to be learning it a lot faster than expected. I did cancel and restart a few times, not for that purpose, just because I wanted him to go do other things. I had assumed he just has an innate talent for physiology but maybe the cancelling had something to do with it. Tongue


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