Trying to find maxis memories
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Hello! First post here, very exciting.

I've been focusing on improving maxis things that annoys me, and a few of the memories have really dumb wordings that imply things that I don't agree with. Thanks to DiLight's custom memory adder, I am very familiar with how to make a memory. I know I need to locate the catalog description of the memory I want to edit, but that's where I'm stuck.

Does anyone know how to find specific memories? I don't even know where to look. I had hoped objects.package, but there are only 3772 catalog descriptions in it, which seems like very few to me. And since they are all called catalog description, it's impossible to tell one from the other. I went and looked at a Sims memories, and found what I believe is the GUID of the memory I want to edit. But I'm out of ideas, not sure where to go on from here.

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I had a look through the the res/3D but couldn't find any memories. I wouldn't think you'd be looking for catalog descriptions. Try looking at BHAV's and OBJD's there's a ton of them in the object.package in the base game folders.

There is a way of extracting things via GUID for SimPE I believe, but I don't know what it is - it might be worthwhile to google it.
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If you already have identified a memory, then you should be able to determine its Group ID. Now filter out this Group, and then target the catalog description. That's the one you need for your memory! :-)

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Sadly, I don't have an identified memory. If I did, it would be easy, since I'd have the Group ID. What I did was open up a Sim and go to their memory panel, which listed the GUID. I figured since the BHAV uses GUID to know which memory to add, it should be mentioned somewhere in the memory added to the Sim, and so far I was right. But I admit, I was temporarily confusing GUID and Group ID, so I was thinking that would let me find it in the list, but then I realized I was thinking about it all wrong.

I don't suppose you came across any memory-adding BHAVs when making your no trash memories, BO? If I knew what they tend to be called, I could try looking at BHAVs by name and see if I can get lucky and see the one for the memories I dislike.
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Well, if you haven't identified a single memory, then please explain what you meant by this:

(04-07-2015 12:46 AM)gummilutt Wrote:  I went and looked at a Sims memories, and found what I believe is the GUID of the memory I want to edit.

Because that's what I based my recommendation on!

Yes, my NTM mod is FULL of references to BHAVs that add memories. Those are the ones, after all, that I change to make sure that they only work if the player wants to allow those memories Smile You could just open my mod and take a look. On the other hand, I'm not sure it'll help you much, because those BHAVs mostly use the same name as well. Very generic!!!

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I used the Sim Browser to open a specific Sim that I knew had the memory I wanted to change, and went to the memory panel for that Sim and located the memory-entry. It doesn't contain any of the memory information, it just holds which memory it is, who owns it and who it is about. The guid is there, I assume, for the game to pull the description and icon from the actual memory.

Great. I had hoped the names would be generic. I'll look at NTM later and see if it can help guide me to the right ones. And if it doesn't, perhaps I can think of some other mod that might give pointers.

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But if you have the GUID, you can simply search the objects.package for that GUID, note the group ID (you may need to learn how to do that), and enter that into the filter section. Voila le memory! And then continue as I mentioned earlier. It should not be hard.

Finding the right memory in my mod will be a lot harder, because - if the memory in question is even handled by that mod - you'll only find a lot of BHAVs named "CT - Add Memory". Believe me, it will NOT help you much!

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Is there a way to search for GUID other than looking at each one individually until the right GUID comes up? I'm guessing not, but one can dream Smile

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Ok, I expected that you might not know. So here goes: In the bottom section of the SimPE screen, where the plugin view appears, there is a row of buttons. Press the "Finder", and in the input field labled "GUID" type your GUID... it should be fairly obvious from there...

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Thank you BO! Search didn't find it, I must be using it wrong, but you made me go back and look at the memory to double check GUID, and I found it lists the name of the NREF which let me find the GUID. Most of them have pretty obvious names, so it should be easy to find them now that I know a way how.

No more stupid maxis phrasings on memories!


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