can't get smooth edges to work on win8
#1 08-07-2015 
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I did everything that was told to do in the instructions from this site, and yet I still have this problem. My game glitches. My house appears and reappears when I make movements with my mouse and delete things from a lot. I can't smooth my edges because it's still unselectable. Can someone please help? I have DirectX as well. I even contacted EA for this. I have the Sims 2 Ultimate Collection. Thank you

#2 08-02-2016 
From Kiri - Please do not diagnose these and give advice. You do not know what the problem is - you don't have all the information.

#3 08-02-2016 

Please attach your -config-log.txt - I can't help you without it.

You can find it in your logs folder in your game.

#4 09-02-2016 
Uh.... Ok, It worked for me, has worked for others. It was merely a suggestion, and won't hurt anything to try. Sometimes it's a computer issue, and not necessarily a Sims issue, but ok, No more advice from me.

Have a nice day.


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