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Random images from Sims 4:

[Image: 8oPNoXfl.png]

[Image: 2emfi32l.png]

In Sims 4 Get to Work I'm trying the Detective carrier with Nina Caliente:

[Image: 35lu0JQl.png]

[Image: eRoYcMkl.png]

[Image: 3yzaIcX.png]

[Image: RruoWYz.png]

[Image: eojRmVY.png]

The Boss:

[Image: CU1n6Gz.png]

while is playing to Minesweeper Flags:

[Image: w50rPtH.png]

..Aliens! Big Grin

Adele Caliente (daughter of Katrina Caliente and an unknown alien, half sister of Dina and Nina Caliente)

[Image: UPSvT08.png]

[Image: RDa3jbW.png]

Again unknown alien..this time also with a male, Nina's husband! Worse than Beautiful soap opera, the alien has figured out how to "having a family" (ok, this is bad Big Grin )

[Image: ruKmSNi.png]

The nurse is not pregnant (or at least I think!)

[Image: B9WAqhc.png]

[Image: fTJYTr2.png]

[Image: WdOPLdG.png]

[Image: mpO0lHp.png]

Nina decided that this was too much, so sent the baby on the alien planet:

[Image: fNWjVEZ.png]

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lol Deb, your game is always so absurd Smile

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Interesting pictures, Deb Smile

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Finds your pictures to be very amusing.


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