Fracking BV souvenir display...
#1 18-07-2015 
I think I'm finding out why there are none with custom souvenirs... I've been fighting the BHAV battle, and losing. Each individual display (mountain, island and far east) contains the GUIDs of the others in the BHAV, and I'm completely lost. I really don't even know what to ask specifically for help, lol. I guess just if anyone knows their way around BHAVs and wants to take a peek at one of the souvenir displays to see if they know what the hello is going on in there, that'd be great. Here's a list of the GUIDs for all the bits and bobs of them:

island display 0xB350AA34
chest 0x7354D27E
palm tree 0x1354D261

mountain display 0x9350A87D
geode 0xD354D23C
hatchet 0x5354D1FA

far east display 0xB350A3AE
doll 0x3354D105
pagoda 0xB354D1C5
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Be aware that I haven't looked at the objects or the BHAVs for this convo... But from playing vacations, I've found that when you click such a disply in-game, it gives you the option to buy either of the two objects that the display "contains". I'm guessing that the BHAV creates the objects in your sim's inventory when you *do* buy one. And to create the object, the BHAV requires to have its GUID.

It's the same thing with creating memories and gossip: the BHAVs that are responsible for adding those, also use the GUIDs of the memories in question, because there is no other way to distinguish one from the other.

I hope this helps, @justJones. Let me know if it doesn't Smile

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Right, @BoilingOil, the part that gets confusing, is that each display has the GUIDs for all 6 possible souvenirs and the other two displays in it's BHAV. So they are all interconnected somehow. So let's say you're looking at the mountain display, it not only has the GUIDs for that display, the hatchet and geode as you'd expect, it also has the GUIDs for the island display, far east display, chest, palm tree, doll and pagoda. When I first cloned the mountain one, before even touching the GUIDs, in game it was offering the chest and palm tree.

@NixNivis, anything you could offer?
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Ah, I see what you mean. I didn't get that part from your previous message, sorry...

Normally, you shouldn't worry about the data for the other displays being present as well. I think they simply made a single BHAV that works for all three displays. That way probably easier for them. But indeed, when you start cloning them and making custom versions, THEN it can become complicated to figure out how to work around that.

#5 19-07-2015 
Well..... Blush In the beginning, I did have the BHAVs right, but I'd forgot to commit when I replaced the second souvenir mesh...doh! So When I though it was only half working, it was really working all the way Tongue That's what I get for trying such things late at night, I guess, lol. So I've now got it working Big Grin

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Cool! So you didn't actually need any help at all... just some sleep, so you could look at it with fresh eyes! Smile

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You're awesome Jones!! I wish i could've been more help (or ANY help, in fact)... however, after all... i AM ambitious, but rubbish!

btw, admit to NOTHING! found a TOP SECRET file buried in a spot that nobody would ever have guessed, and then you had to crack the code all by yourself, and then rewire the whole thing, while making sure not to cut the red wire, and whatever you do -- DONT CROSS THE STREAMS!! ...and then, you got it! phew! =) ...and then click "commit" and everything came up roses!

Well done, Jones! You've saved the world again!!

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