Sims 2, Graphics and Windows 10
#1 20-07-2015 
At present, we don't know if/how Sims 2 will run on Windows 10.

When Windows 10 comes online, I will not have it straight away. I hope to load it onto my P.O.S. laptop and will attempt to install just the Base Game (because my P.O.S. laptop is P.O.S.)

PROBLEM - INTEL Graphics Card - stuck in minimum resolution.
Texture memory can't be found by Windows 10. Use new card :
Graphics Card - INTEL - Texture Problem

PROBLEM - Lagging Game even though you have an awesome CPU.
Thanks to tylersada We have a solution!

From their post:

"Thought I would mention something I have found out. My game was running slow, lagging, etc. I thought it was all my piece of stuff Intel HD graphics. I was trolling and came upon an article that the Sims 2 and Sim City 4 were launched at a time that multiple CPU's were non-existent or uncommon, therefore were mostly unsupported. They advised to right click on the shortcut and add -CPUCount:1 to the Target.

This is how it looks on my shortcut (I also run windowed mode therefore I have -w)

"C:\Program Files (x86)\EA GAMES\The Sims 2 Mansion and Garden Stuff\TSBin\Sims2Launcher.exe" -w -CPUCount:1.

My game seems to run less slow and choppy using this tag. "

I will post any and all problems and if I'm able to fix them here.

If you have problems/solutions - please post them on this post.

I'm still struggling with depression, but am a lot better than I was earlier this year. So expect long delays as I pace myself so I don't burn out.
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#2 20-07-2015 
If there is any Sims 2 issue with Windows 10, we'll find out all together, Kiri. You won't be alone. You're awesome, you know? Smile (and I'm sure you're going to defeat depression!)

#3 20-07-2015 
Gosh, I didn't realize Windows 10 was coming July 29th! That's next week! Well now I'm a little afraid.... and a teeny tiny bit excited. But mostly afraid. Confused

* fanseelamb huggles kiri

Please don't wear yourself out. We need you healthy more than we need Sims 2. But of course we're all very very glad to have you on the case. Heart

#4 30-07-2015 
The only thing I have noticed is being trapped to the smallest resolution. The window is barely usable, but I'm nt sure what you can do about it. Other than that it loads fine and seems good to go. I did try to see if I could change the resolution parameters, but I guess I was doing it wrong, or didn't have it in all the places.

#5 30-07-2015 
I installed Windows 10 today. I can't see any differences in the way the game runs. I had a heck of a time getting it to run on windows 8.1 but windows 10 seems to have made more of a difference in cosmetics, adding some apps and functionality. So far I haven't run into any problems with the Sims 2. If this continues to be the case the problems installing the sims 2 on a new system may be similar to what was encountered on windows 8 and 8.1.

#6 30-07-2015 
Good to hear that the game runs on Windows 10.

hiriko - can you attach your config-log.txt - I might not be able to do anything - but then again I might.

#7 30-07-2015 
@celebkiriedhel I have dual cards. I use your graphics rules for intel. I couldn't make the one for NVidia work for some reason. Direct X crashed or something so I just went back to the integrated card. I didn't change anything, as far as I know.

I'm actually not sure how to upload the file here. And you do want the LODconfig.text?

#8 30-07-2015 
No @hirikosaunders, she wants the <your-PC-name>-config-log.txt which should be found in the "My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Logs" folder.
If you click the Full Editor button, you'll find an option to attach a file. That's where you include your log.

#9 30-07-2015 
@BoilingOil Thank you!

@celebkiriedhel I think I did it correctly.

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#10 30-07-2015 
@hirikosaunders You definitely did it correctly!

I can see the problem, just trying to see why. For some reason, it thinks your screen should be on low resolution. Found it! You have the texture problem! This is a new problem for your level of CPU.

You need to use this card instead: Graphics Rules-INTEL-MissingTexture.rar

For completeness, you can use this video card as well. Video cards are specific to your Graphics Card, so this one won't work for anyone else except people who have a chipset device of 0a16.

Download Video Cards - Intel Device 0a16
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