Which monitor choose? height adjustable, true colors, eye strain
#11 24-07-2015 
Response time is important too. Mine is 2 ms. Choose at the most 5 ms (or lower, of course).
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#12 29-07-2015 
I bought Asus PB238Q and now I'm with it....but it's really too big for me!! I knew Sad Sad Sad I'm far away from the monitor but I see it always too big, zoomed whole (browser windows)..if these days I do not get used to it I send back and I take up a 20-21"..boff

#13 29-07-2015 
I think it will just take a little time to get used to the bigger screen, deb. When I first got my 22" monitor, it felt weird having windows open full-screen so I opened them smaller and centered them on the screen. But after a short time I got used to the bigger size. Now I open everything full-screen and would hate to go back to a smaller monitor. In fact, with the 1920x1080 resolution, some text appears quite small! Having a bigger monitor at the same resolution would make that text bigger and easier to read.

So I'd say give yourself time to get used to the monitor and hopefully you'll like it. Smile

#14 29-07-2015 
I have 1920x1080 and 23" but all texts were really small Sad I changed Windows icons to big, texts Windows to medium, browser text to big..but sometimes it's still small Sad but then is the monitor huge, 58cm. Just turned on began to hurt my right eye, the brightness decreased to 35 (from 100) and now it is so and so, the eye should strive to get used to the new dimensions. I hope not to become blind Big Grin
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Oh yes the brightness! I had forgotten about that. New monitors are always set very bright. Indeed, hopefully you won't go blind now that the brightness is fixed. Tongue

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You might get a nice tan out of it, though! hahaha...

Good luck with the new monitor, Deb. Like everything else, it'll take some getting used to. Make sure you're not using it in a poorly lit area, because that can make the contrast irritating to the eye, as well.

Hope it works out for you!


#17 30-07-2015 
You will get used to it Deb. But its a huge step from a postage stamp to a cinema screen Tongue


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