New hair mesh
#1 25-07-2015 
Hello, long time no see Wink
I was looking for a specific type of ponytail for my simmie guys and as usual didn't find nothing suitable(CC hair are occasionally too poofy and big or too feminine or too fancy - like SkySims 137 or Alesso Rocket.)
And I didn't like UNI one.
I wanted a casual low fitting ponytail that covers the ears.
So I had to expand my skills to hair creating Smile and this is the result(using volatile and pook's texture blend):
[Image: 2015-07-25%2019_02_58-The%20Simstrade%20...kh8t7v.png]
[Image: 2015-07-25%2018_54_23-The%20Simstrade%20...jo0otw.png]
[Image: 2015-07-25%2019_04_10-The%20Simstrade%20...7klzdf.png]
[Image: 2015-07-25%2018_54_40-The%20Simstrade%20...kwkuh3.png][Image: 2015-07-25%2018_54_59-The%20Simstrade%20...ejdclv.png]

Bone assignment of the tail need some adjustments and I plan to add some more wispy bits and some asymmetry.I try to keep it under 13K which for modern CC hair is reasonable - I think.
Prolly change hairband to UNI one too.
What do you think?Is it worth uploading?
Can You pronounce "veoauto"?

#2 25-07-2015 
It looks really good so far! I agree, so many CC hairdos are too big and poofy. This looks like a more realistic long hair for men.

The tweaks you mention sound good - especially changing the hairband texture - grabbing the Uni texture is a good plan. This one is quite flat and bright which is distracting, especially next to the realistic hair texture.

As for the poly count - 13,000 is actually quite high. Maxis hairs are usually no higher than 2500, and most are much lower. I would use that as a guideline, not other people's custom hairs. For a simple shape like this one I'd probably want it under 3000 polys (and certainly no more than 5000) if I were going to put it in my game.

#3 25-07-2015 
It's looking good, @Oeselian. It's not a style that I'm crzy about, so it might never show up in my game. But that is not due to the quality of your work.
I would agree with @fanseelamb, though; this hair model certainly does not look complicated enough to warrant anything over 5k polys. Reducing it to under 3k would truly be preferrable.

#4 25-07-2015 
5000 is archivable but bit lumpy.3000 is more lumpier
EDIT:I was thinking putting up two versions - original poly(10K) and reduced poly(3K-5K) - so everyone can choose which they want.
Kinda like TS3 LODs
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#5 26-07-2015 
will you be making it in black? it might work for an Indian!


#6 27-07-2015 
Nice! Big Grin Personally, I'd like a different hair band, but other than that I like this a lot. I can see some of the gents in my medieval 'hood wear this. And some of my modern ones, too. Smile

I think making high-poly and low-poly variations sound like a very good idea - like you say, then people can choose.


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