Xthread Conditionals
#1 30-07-2015 
Hey @leefish ,

I posted this over at Zinga Burga's site, but haven't gotten a response. Maybe you can help me figure this one out: Thank you as always!


I'm wondering if it's possible to make a conditional for a listbox.

What I'm trying to do is make it so when a user makes a selection, it will display certian HTML and other xthread fields.

So I made a contact form with a dropdown. If the person chooses "Contact Staff" then it will display only xthread fields that I made for staff.

If they choose "Submit Article" then it will not show any staff related xthread fields.

I was reading the forums and saw how it can be created, but I'm not sure what the values are for the drop down selection.

I saw something like:


<if $GLOBALS['threadfields']['contus_select'] == 'war' then>
This is a war zone
<elseif $GLOBALS['threadfields']['contus_select'] == 'safe' then>
this is a safe zone

I'm not sure where the 'war' and 'safe' values are coming from in this example.

Thanks for the help!

#2 30-07-2015 
Try this: <if $GLOBALS['threadfields_x']['contus_select'] == 'war' then>

#3 30-07-2015 
Hmm, ok so I have two xthread fields that are listbox - 1 is called "Staff Application" the other is called "AOW Membership Application". They're in a dropdown menu.

So this is the code I have:

<if $GLOBALS['threadfields_x']['contus_select'] == 'Staff Application' then>
<h5>Welcome {$mybb->user['username']}!</h5>
<h5> We're glad that you decided to become an official member of Art of War Gaming community! Please fill out the form below with all fields required.</h5>
<h5> Once submitted, only you and a recruiter can see your application. One of the recruiters will get back to you within 24 hours.</h5>
    <elseif $GLOBALS['threadfields_x']['contus_select'] == 'AOW Membership Application' then>
        <h5>Thanks for applying</h5>

And I'm just doing the above to test to see if it works.

So if I understand the code right, if a user selects the option for "Staff Application" then it will show the Welcome text. If they select the other, then it will show the text that says "Thanks for applying"
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#4 02-08-2015 
Erich, I posted a full guide to your problem at MyBB hacks : http://mybbhacks.zingaburga.com/showthread.php?tid=5138

#5 02-08-2015 
You're the best LEE!


Sorry, that is a members only option