#11 31-07-2015 
Isn't there something about the order? Does testingCheats need to be first?

#12 31-07-2015 
(31-07-2015 05:51 PM)Blueangel Wrote:  This is my file.
There's nothing attached!

No, I don't think so jones.

#13 31-07-2015 
I think what Blueangel was saying, Karen, is that what they'd posted above was the file. All of them are just start-ups, not aliases.

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I know that if you try to run a bad cheat (one that's miss-spelled or for an EP you don't have, or one you've been told exist that actually doesn't - things like that), then the game won't read the rest of the file. And I distinctly remember hearing something about there being issues with some Pets cheats... problem is, I can't remember which one(s) or where I've heard it. Undecided

If I were you, I'd try moving all of the Pets cheats to the end instead - that way, if there is a problem with one of them, it won't matter since the game will have read all the other cheats already. (Looking at my own userstartup.cheat, I have boolProp petActionCancel true as the very last cheat, and I'm pretty sure I put it there for a reason.) If that doesn't work... then we might be able to come up with something else. Smile

#15 31-07-2015 
Correct Jones. Everything I had in the file was what I posted. The pet cheats seemed to work ok for me being first. I did have a error thing in a log about the unlockCareerRewards show up but I don't know why though. I think you maybe right on how it reads it until it finds a bad code.
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aah ok Blueangel Smile I have no idea why it's not working for you then Sad

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I was wondering... (i'm no expert, so it's kind of a shot in the dark, really!) Isn't "maxmotives" sort of a one-punch thing? What i mean is, unlike the "testingcheats" or "45degreeangleofrotation" cheats, that enable a condition, where as "maxmotives" is one punch, sorta like "motherlode". The former are a state of being, so to speak... where the latter are an event.

Might that be causing an issue? ...just a thought!


#18 31-07-2015 
Wait wait. Which cheats aren't working? Some of the ones you have in there - "maxMotives" and "unlockCareerRewards" for example - have to be entered in-game, like grinEvilly is saying. They shouldn't cause a problem being in there, but they won't work on startup. Some of the other cheats you have are maybe not even real? Are you sure "maxmood" is real? I've never heard that one before.

I would double-check that all those cheat codes are real, 100% correctly spelled, and have all the required parameters ("true"/"false"/etc).

As for the order of the cheats in the list - if the last code on your list is working, the order can't be the issue - so again it's important to know which codes aren't working.

For the codes that do have to be entered in-game, like "maxMotives" - you can make an alias like in Karen's example so they're at least easier/shorter codes to type in.

ETA: Also if you're trying to use a * before the codes so they don't run, that could be causing problems. The correct symbol to use so the game doesn't read the line is a #. Using a * might be causing errors.
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ok I'll try that instead. Thanks for the continued help Smile

#20 01-08-2015 
What @fanseelamb and @grinEvilly said - some of those cheats have to be entered in-game, and some of them (like aspirationLevel) work for the selected Sim only, not all Sims at once. (Gah, I should have seen this yesterday already, but in my defence I was running a fever.) I'm not sure how the game likes them being in your userstartup.cheat.

So yeah. What fansee said. Smile


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