#21 01-08-2015 
I'm sorry Sad Hope you're feeling better Smile

Anyways I can confirm that if you have a bad cheat listed that it doesn't finish reading the rest of the file. You guys are right though it doesn't like those cheats though as it'll crash the game.

#22 07-08-2015 
I was thinking about some other codes like the color and fur codes. Can I also put those in the same file?

#23 07-08-2015 
Don't need to bother making a cheat file for the collar and fur codes -- TwoJeffs already did it for you. Smile Grab the No Pet Code Spam version for your setup, replace your kissingpoints.package file with TwoJeffs's, and Bob's your uncle. (Full instructions in the download.) Works like a charm.

#24 07-08-2015 
For some reason it's not working for me Sad

#25 17-08-2015 
Can someone tell me why the collar thing isn't working?


Sorry, that is a members only option