Old/Wild West Project
#1 31-07-2015 
I decided to start this post since there are several people interested in this project, and we aren't always in chat at the same time, lol. At the moment, I'm experimenting with the potions as souvenirs, as grinny and shasta and I discussed last night. Sort of a medicine show type thing. If anyone else would like to jump on board with whatever they'd like to add (no insanely difficult ideas unless you plan on taking them on yourself...I'm looking at you, grinny Tongue ), go ahead and throw your ideas out there! If you would like to build lots, do some recolors, clothes, whatever; just jump on in!
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hahah... my reputation proceeds me. I dream big, but my ideas far surpass my talent. =\ "Ambitious, but rubbish!"

MY DREAM is to make a fully-functioning Wild West vacation destination. By "fully functional" I mean that I would like to have a map and secret lot... I'd like to have a quest to receive some kind of gift item from the secret lot... Right now, my favorite idea is to have a crazy old gold prospector, and perhaps you have to give him a gold nugget or some kind of snake oil elixir... I wanted working, custom souvenir shops, and wonder of wonders!! Jones cracked that open and made it possible! ...you can't have sellable items on vacation lots unless it's clothing, food, or done through the souvenir displays... I would LOVE to be able to create new vacation tours, complete with chance cards, that are period /theme -appropriate. A learnable greeting and dance would be outstanding, as well!! Originally, i was thinking of some kind of Native American dance, based in part on the animations for the Univ bonfire anims... MSD also suggested the possibility of the "gallop" anims from the Smustle. A Country/Western Line Dance would also work... A greeting is a bit harder. Cowboys tip their hats, but not everybody will be wearing a hat. Firing pistols into the air and shouting 'Yee-haw!' would be fun... could use anims and sound effects from the firecrackers. I'd like to have a custom food, like the other 3 cannon destinations have. Best thing i can come up with for the Old West is a can of franks & beans, but i'm definitely open to suggestions!

Digging up gold nuggets... fossils... indian arrowheads... peyote??

And Neighborhood deco! (meaning, the stuff you see from the 'hood screen, not deco objects in your lot... i'm talking, in the category of rainbows, hot air balloons, sail boats, etc) I found cattle. We THINK we found working steam trains ...though it needs a cow-pusher added to the front, for authenticity... I'd like a herd of buffalo (o give me a home, where the buffalo roam...). Some circling buzzards would be awesome! A section of rail-post fences, to create a cattle ranch...

Oh! and one other thing i'm looking for, would be a wall or fence, in the style of a frontier fort... round (or half round) logs, standing upright, with sharpened pointy tips, like a sharpened pencil, if you know what i mean...

That's the real thrust of it all... to me, anyway... Open to suggestions!! I'm not expecting miracles, though... 99% of this is WAAAY beyond the scope of things I'm capable of doing. but I know there's people out there, for whom it may only be 70% outside of their skill-level. And some, where it's probably only 50% beyond the pale... And maybe a few for whom it's only 25% above and beyond. And maybe, just maybe, working together, it might be possible to accomplish 95% of the dream, which would be ...well, i was gonna say 'beyond my wildest imagination', but my imagination can get pretty wild... hahhaa... Still, it would be fantastic! Even 50% would be amazing.

And now you know why Jones was looking directly at me! bwahahaha! My goals are not necessarily everybody else's goals here...
• I'm not looking for someone to do this for me
• I'm not under any delusions that it'll ever be completely accomplished
• I'm not expecting miracles =)

So share ideas... dream BIG. We'll see what gets done and what doesn't. I'm happy to (and willing to) learn and try. I'm not the best... heck, at this point in time, i'm not even really any good. haha! But i'd like to be part of the group that wonders how we're going to put a man on Mars, than one who howls and throws rocks at the moon. =)


#3 31-07-2015 
A custom food stand with custom meals, like the others, can be done. I'm not exactly sure how it works, I'd have to look into it. But I know it can be done, as there are some out there. Most of the other stuff, I wouldn't even know where to begin, lol. Well, hood deco and stuff, I'd have some idea about, but the greeting, secret lot, dance...I've got no idea, lol.

Update: Testy McTesterton was able to buy Abraham's Defanging Elixir (Vamprocillin-D) from the souvenir rack, and use it to de-vamp himself...which had the unfortunate side effect of sending him into aspiration failure...apparently he wanted to be a vampire, lol. But it works!

Of course, now that I know it works, that project might get pushed back for a bit, lol. I want to work on something that doesn't involve so much thinking (with BHAVS and what-not) for a little. So I might try to whip up a fort fence Smile
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Hahah! that's awesome! I'm glad it works! you got through that pretty quick. =)

I'm in NO hurry to get this stuff done. And i certainly don't expect you to do all the heavy lifting on your own. =) I was thinking, perhaps this thread could turn into an incubator, of sorts.

I still think it would be hilarious if the snake oil Elixir or Tonic would simply cause the imbiber (fancy word for 'drinker') to go through the "fitness" animation, where they make a stretching noise and a "boioioioing!" sound, then flex... Whether or not it ACTUALLY helped their fitness level... well, being that it's snake oil, I'd guess no. hahaha... But that could be a trigger object to get whatever reward the crazy gold prospector would give your sims, as well. Thinking out loud. Brainstorming.

...why are my brainstorms always 'twisters'??


#5 31-07-2015 
Can we post pictures of things we might like to have?

#6 31-07-2015 
Lunie has the custom dig thing - so for digging up gold etc, it's just a question of having the objects you want to dig up coded into the custom dig thing.

Circling buzzards is going to be hard to do.

For a proper fort, you'd be looking at the pointy bits to be added at the second story. So what you're actually looking for is 2 fences and/or the arches set up for pointy things.

Secret lots and greetings are going to be very hard to do - I haven't seen anyone do a custom secret lot (by which I mean a secret lot for a custom vacation or hobby) - so that's uncharted territory.

#7 01-08-2015 
By all means, rana. And I haven't forgotten about your boots and hats Smile

Kiri, you're right. Because you'd want a catwalk around the inside perimeter. I could make a full wall height fence for the first story, but there'd have to be columns on the inside. I don't think a wall with faked log texture would look right with the upper fence.

#8 01-08-2015 
That's awesome about the custom digging, Kiri! thanks so much!

Would the buzzards as neighborhood deco really be very difficult? I've seen some amazing hood deco, like those train sets. They seem a lot more complicated than circling buzzards. I kinda thought that maybe a recolor of the seagulls might do the trick. But then, i've never done hood deco before, and there's not really all THAT much out there, comparatively.

I kinda figured the secret lot would be MAJOR. Having a map, then properly linking it up, hiding the lot... having a compelling reason to visit the lot -- a special item of some sort, a trigger to make it available... If it were easy, EAxis probably would've included a way to do it when they shipped BV. that said, you'd think if there were any way to make surfing available, EAxis would've shipped it with BV, too... But no... It took our very own MSD to make the impossible possible!! -- i swear, i'm not stalking him! hahha

I've been trying to think of ways to do the fort wall... I still haven't perfected anything. Hmmm... Why cant I just have lincoln logs?? =)

#9 01-08-2015 
As far as I know (from reading on the topic) - the number of secret lots INHABITANTS is 3. That is it. You have to have one of the three preset secret inhabitants, and they each need special things available on the lot.


There was this link: http://thesims2.ea.com/exchange/story_de..._id=185668 But its dead.


#10 01-08-2015 
(01-08-2015 07:22 AM)grinEvilly Wrote:  It took our very own MSD to make the impossible possible!!

Some people (actually, MOST people) use the word 'impossible' way too often. If a normal human being 'made it possible', the 'solution' was simply something that others had never considered. But it was not a mircale, and it wasn't impossible either.

And the above is not to dis-account MSD's great contribution. But it *does* show how everything that was not added to the game by EAxis, was left out *on purpose*. They just didn't want to even bother! For them, it was about making money without putting in too much effort!


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