Multiple plugin request
#1 31-07-2015 
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Hi Leefish,

I tried contacting you on Mybb about this, but haven't heard from you, so I thought I would try here.

First, I am willing to pay for these plugin requests, and am happy to discuss pricing with you.

Now these are what I need made. Please note, these are for a writing forum.

Plugin 1:

A book database that is similar to goodreads but not as buggy. Users will be able to add their own books. If the author of their own books adds said book, I'd like the book to land on a page or tab that will appear on their profile. In addition to adding books, members should be allowed to search for books by genre and add them to shelves such as want to read, read, currently reading, re-reading. We can discuss the complete details if you are interested in making this.

Plugin 2

A book review system

Members should be able to review books they have read. They should NOT be able to comment on the review as this is how trolls and drama happens. More details can be discussed as well as pricing if you decide to make this. Think like Amazon review system but better.

Plugin 3

Determine if author, blogger, reader, publisher, publicist, editor, graphics designer etc. These titles should be noticeable on a members profile.

I have many more plugin ideas, but lets start with those 3. Again, I can provide more details if you are interested in making any of these.

You can contact me here or on Mybb Smile same username.

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#2 01-08-2015 
This is a giant plugin Smile , Goodreads is a massive piece of work. What can be made as a MyBB plugin is a fairly simple setup where people can add books, but the searching for books would be very intense on the database. The whole link to books and show on profile etc etc is really a LOT, and something that would take a large amount of my time. I think you might want to contact Diogo Parrinha at for a plugin of this scale.

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Lol I have to agree with Goodreads being massive. While I don't exactly want to be like them, the idea for my forum stemmed from their glitchymess of a book review section. Yes, I meant to say glitchymess lol. Are you interested in any of the plugins? I understand that plugins take a lot of time and am more than happy to compensate for your work. I have several more plugin ideas for this site lol. But I will also check out Diogo Smile

#4 01-08-2015 
Well, you need to be a lot more specific really. Like do you want to use any of the existing MyBB functionality?

What you need to do, to actually have any chance of anyone making your plugin, is be exact about what you want to be able to do with it.

Example : "Users will be able to add their own books"" - like what is that going to consist of? Author name, jacket, isbn, title? If jacket, how is that going to work with the images? Are people uploading images to your server? Do those images need to scale. Author name: is that first name and last name in one field or two fields? I haven't even started with how you want to manage the moderation Smile

There is a sort of book review system on this site right now; it doesn't do exactly what you want because I made it for me, but I can do quite a lot of edits:

link here:

Right now its enabled for comments but that is easily turned off. However, there is no way at the moment to see if a person has already reviewed a book; so you might have multiple reviews of the same book.

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LOL. This is true, Leefish. I'll put together a full list of features this weekend for the plugins. I actually happen to like your book review plugin. How does it work exactly? It seems to be more or less what I am looking for.

#6 02-08-2015 
The book review system is built using XThreads and template conditionals (two plugins from ZingaBurga).

And here is a VERY old layout I made for it :

If that layout is too clunky (I suspect it is) then I can do you a newer one.

Sorry, that is a members only option