more then 7 sims in a house
#1 01-08-2015 
How can I increase the number of sims to a family or household? I have tried a couple of mods but nothing sticks.
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#2 01-08-2015 
BO - Unlimited Sims, perhaps? Big Grin

And also read my post on the second page of comments on that mod, because it contains some lines that you should put in your UserStartup.cheat, in case you want to be able to move in sims from the neighborhood screen as well.
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#3 01-08-2015 
Tried that but made no difference. I'll try it now with the added code and see. You're amazing at this stuff.

#4 01-08-2015 
How did it not work? What did you try that didn't work?

If you tried to add sims from the neighborhood screen, then it is no miracle that it didn't work, because no mod can ever help you there. You simply need the three lines in UserStartup.cheat for that.

The mod only works while you're playing a household. Every time you ask a sim to move in, or when a baby is about to be born, the game will test if there is room. My mod will then ALWAYS report that there is more than enough room to add sims. It just doesn't matter how many sims already live there, it will always work.

#5 01-08-2015 
I didn't know about the cheat lines. I only had the mod put in. I'll try it now with the cheat stuff. Funny thing is I have 7 sims in a house tried to add one but won't save it to the house but when I go in families they are saved there. I'll now try it with the new adjustments.

#6 01-08-2015 
So one of the sims that moved out I tried to get to stay in the house but if I close the game or go to the nieborhood it doesn't show them as living there. I have also tried using SimPE but that didn't work either.

#7 01-08-2015 
Have you tried re-opening the household? It's perfectly possible that the sim lives there, even though it doesn't show in the windows in the neighborhood screen. That window shows a maximum of eight sims plus any toddlers or babies that they can carry.

Besides... to "Stay in the house" is something different than to "Move in". Did you use the option "Propose.../Move in"??? Because that is what you need for a sim to become part of the family and live there.

#8 01-08-2015 
true however when I play the house it doesn't show them as a selectable or anything like that I have to use one of the cheats to make them selectable to stay in the house until said neiborhood or exit the game

#9 01-08-2015 
No, no, no, no, NOOOOOO!

You select a sim who already lives there, and let them interact with the visitor. Like this:

Hannah already lives in the house, and her friend Jack comes to visit. Now Hannah wants Jack to live with her, so you right-click Hannah, so she's your active sim. Then you left-click Jack, and select "Propose.../Move In". Hannah will then ask Jack to move in, and if Jack agrees, the SYSTEM will make him selectable and make him a real member of the household!!!

And do NOT make Jack selectable before you try this, because if he is selectable, Hannah does not get the option to propose moving in!

#10 01-08-2015 
ok. I don't get that option but in the family view picture they show up in it but not in the house. I even tried changing it in SimPE as them living there.


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