What do you think about stenopeic glasses and method Bates? Work?
#1 04-08-2015 
Anyone uses pinhole glasses (or stenopeic glasses)? I think you call so it in English, it's for gymnastics eye and for the Bates Method. They say that help reduce dependence on prescription lenses and the tensions caused by the difficulty of vision.
Do you have any experience? They don't hurt or damage the eyes?

And about the method Bates what do you think?

(I'm myopic Sad and the laser operation is too expensive and I'm afraid of going blind Confused )


#2 04-08-2015 
I dont know Deb; I have heard of this Bates method, and it seems to work for SOME people. If you get your eyes tested regularly I dont think you will go blind unless you have a history of serious eye disease in your family.


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