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#1 14-08-2015 
Is there a mod to assign a sim to a particular bed? I'm trying to setup personalized room for each sim but they randomly sleep in the beds even the parents bedroom. It's kinda annoying when you have a big family and there all changing beds every time they sleep.
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#2 14-08-2015 
Two Jeffs Smarter beds? Not sure where the link is though.

#3 14-08-2015 
Misc Feature Adding Mods near the end of the top post.

#4 14-08-2015 
There is a mod for just about anything isn't there?

#5 14-08-2015 
on the topic of assigning stuff to people is there way of doing it for rooms or desks? For some reason the kids like to dump there homework at the front door. I would like for them to at least place there homework on the dinner table or the desk in there room

#6 14-08-2015 
I think they just locate the first, closest surface they can put homework on and then go about their business. If the surface is already taken, they don't seem to search out the next one. There IS a homework placing mod for that on MTS.

And if that frame doesn't match your decor, stands out like a sore thumb, looks uglier than a goat's butt... RECOLORS!

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Thanks Smile I'll give it a try Smile

Edit: I figured I would ask this as well instead of starting a whole new topic but is there a mini fridge that can store baby bottles? I would like to put one in the room for easier feeding.
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#9 14-08-2015 
of course there is. How do I put objects like this into the game?

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Extract the rar file into your Downloads folder.


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