Template for sticky threads and move on sidebar
#1 17-08-2015 
Hi Lee, do you know if it's possible to have only sticky threads?

I would like a customize template only for sticky threads (title and image preview) and move they to sidebar, not on threadlist.

Thank you Smile

#2 18-08-2015 
nope, it isnt really possible. The threads are in the $threads variable in the threadlist and then they are ordered and stacked in the forumdisplay.php. You would have to edit core files quite extensively.

#3 18-08-2015 
Sad or I edit manually sidebar and I add there all times link to the threads

#4 18-08-2015 
Yup, fraid so Sad

#5 18-08-2015 
Other question :x Why when I use a framework (it's so with all frameworks usually) the codebuttons in newthread/editpost/newreply etc are ugly and weird?

[Image: MP76ZRS.png]

I have to edit buttons css?

#6 18-08-2015 
Yea, its the use of border-box. You can fix it with this css in your global.css:

a.sceditor-button {
    padding: 1px 5px;
    width: 24px;

#7 18-08-2015 
Thank you Big Grin I started just to edit all css, styles etc Confused

#8 18-08-2015 

Sorry, that is a members only option