Hi from Las Vegas
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My name is Amy, also known as chicvibe on most forums. I have been a sims player since sims2. I have renewed my interest in playing sims 2 (and I still play 3) since 4 is a wee bit boring to me. On the technical spectrum, I would say I am well above noob status, but not at the technical queen bee goddess level yet. I am in my 40's and I am also a custom content addict, which I am pretty sure will be the death of my games, if not me. I am a bit of an introvert, so even on internet forums I lurk more than I talk, but I promise I don't bite, even if you ask me to.


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Hello Amy! Well that's a really cute avatar! I hope you'll like it here.... it sounds like you'll fit in perfectly.

Except maybe for the not biting part. vamp

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Hi Amy. Welcome to Leefish Smile

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Hi there! Is Amy trading her piece of desert for a piece of pond? Big Grin Anyway, welcome to the biggest SimPond of the Web!

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Welcome to Leefish, Amy! Celebrate This is a nice, friendly pond to swim in, so if you ever feel like delurking, we'll welcome you with open jaws.

...arms, I mean! Open arms! vamp Wink

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Helloo,Amy Smile

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Welcome to the Leefish pond! Happy swimming Smile

I don't bite, ever!

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Why hello Amy

[Image: Fish-with-Attitude-Ultra-Rare-Evil-Fish-Adult.png]

* leefish smiles in a welcoming way

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Welcome to the pond! Enjoy your swim Big Grin

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wave G'Day Amy, welcome to Leefish!


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