Leefish Farm
#1 30-08-2015 
Well, its not exactly a farm, but I have two pepper plants I have been nurturing all summer. A jalapeno and a Spanish chili. Here are some pictures (courtesy B's phone, art direction by B).

[Image: attachment.php?aid=2372]

The jalapeno has FINALLY got a flower, am very excited (two peppers omg)

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#2 30-08-2015 
They're looking good, Lee Big Grin

#3 30-08-2015 
Excellent - I can see curries in your future! Big Grin

#4 30-08-2015 
Looks so tidy compared to the jungle growing outside my back door (and the smaller one outside the front door).. my neighbor is the one who plants everything and we get to pick stuff so I can't complain. But she's a wee bit TOO into the "natural look" when it comes to her gardens. Big Grin

* mustluvcatz runs off to pick the beans I spotted earlier, maybe a tomato or 3 too

#5 30-08-2015 
I would say they're thriving, look at those bright shades of green and red!

* fanseelamb gives lee a green happyface sticker and encourages her to keep talking to the plants

#6 31-08-2015 
(30-08-2015 04:04 PM)celebkiriedhel Wrote:  Excellent - I can see curries in your future! Big Grin

Ask me about drying curry leaves for that one Big Grin

#7 31-08-2015 
A lot healthier looking than our potted vegetables. The leaves need dark green smilie faces 'I am thriving"


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